Ikon drama. uriga mandeun love scenario ijen jomyeongi kkeojigo majimak peijireul neomgimyeon joyonghi mageul naerijyo. Later they performed it at Kim Shinyoung's Hope Song At Noon. Right, that settles it, you need quite a stern backhand" What? : Mirotic "Sarangeul haetta/uriga manna/jiuji mothal/chuoegi dwaetda" 17. Sarangeul haetta/uriga manna/jiuji mothal/chuoegi dwaetda "Erm narrator?" This song is the single of the new album. "I do not own the music. Lagu : '사랑을 했다(LOVE SCENARIO)' Artis : … Credits for audio go to their respective owners." C D Sarangeul haetta uriga manna Bm Em Jiuji mothal chueogi dwaetda C Bolmanhan mellodeurama D Gwaenchaneun gyeolmal Bm Geugeomyeon dwaetda Em Neol saranghaetta C D Uriga mandeun love scenario Bm Em Ijen jomyeongi kkeojigo C D Majimak peijireul neomgimyeon Bm Em Joyonghi mageul naerijyo Verse C Ei gwaenchanchimaneun ana D Ibyeoreul majuhandaneun geon Bm Em … My impression was like okay, the song was just okay. sarangeul [C]haetta uriga [D]manna jiuji [Bm]mothal chueogi dwaet[Em]da bolmanhan mello[C]deurama gwaenchaneun [D]gyeolmal geugeomyeon [Bm]dwaetda neol saranghaet[Em]ta uriga mandeun [C]love scena[D]rio ijen jo[Bm]myeongi kkeo[Em]jigo majimak [C]peijireul neom[D]gimyeon joyonghi [Bm]mageul nae[Em]rijyo ei [C]gwaenchanchimaneun ana ibyeoreul [G]majuhandaneun … "You don't know me so shut up boy" "A boy? 11w Reply. Love Scenario is a song recorded by South Korean boy group iKON. urin apado haebwatgo useubge jiltudo haesseo michin deushi saranghaetgo uri i jeongdomyeon dwaesseo. Gunakan Headphone untuk pengalaman audio yang lebih indah! (G)I-DLE Miyeon and Minnie made a cover of this song on February 24, 2018 in 일반인들의 소름돋는 라이브/Best covers (YouTube Channel). This the first time i host a game, so be nice pls :< This time you have to guess the song by the lyrics. It is the first and title track of iKON's Return album. Le 15 septembre 2015, iKON fait ses débuts officiels avec la piste My Type, produite par B.I. ghost._exe._ TVXQ! Hello~ Welcome to another iKON game! Sarangeul haetta uriga manna Jiuji motthal chueogi dwaettda Bolmanhan mellodeurama Gwaenchanheun gyeolmal Geugeomyeon dwaessda neol saranghaettda [Post-Chorus: B.I] Uriga mandeun LOVE SCENARIO Ijen jomyeongi kkeojigo Majimak peijireul neomgimyeon Joyonghi mageul naerijyo [Verse 1: Bobby] Ei gwaenchanhjimaneun anha ibyeoreul majuhandaneun geon sarangeul haetta uriga manna geugeomyeon dwaetda neol saranghaetta. "Neon nareul weonhae, neon naege ppajeo, neon naege micheo, heeonal su eopseo, I got you under my skin "Narrator?" Love scenario? But, what I did not realize is that how catchy the song is until I was in the middle of thinking something and my mind literally just snapped "SARANGEUL HAETTA URIGA MANNA" and I kept humming this line over and over. I.O.I: Very Very "Noemu noemu noemu nooooemu noemu noemu..." 16. Was I just smacked across the face? Sarangeul haetta uriga manna.
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