“His love is constant. It boils down to the reason why we would like an extra hour available to us on Sunday. What will October’s General Conference bring? Dear Brothers & Sisters, Here are the highlights from October 2020 General Conference. When praying over the cover artwork for this Conference notebook, one scripture that was quoted by our Prophet, President Nelson, continued to flood my mind. The general sessions will be broadcast as usual, but will not be open to the public. If such individuals do not wish to disclose their actual given names, a pseudonym or nickname would suffice.Any comments made by individuals who opt to not give a name by which they can ber identified may, depending on the substance and tone of such comments, be subject to deletion as well. “Early in July, the Church announced that a series of resources—Come, Follow Me for home, Sunday School, and Primary—will be available for classes beginning in January 2019. You posing this question makes me think you are not overwhelmed by the 3-hour block; however, there are clearly many who are not able to be fully engaged in church for 3 hours. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints announced Thursday that its 2020 October General Conference will not be open to the public. I look forward to any input any of you have to offer. In 2016, it was even worse 1.58% and in 2017 even worse again 1.48%, and in 2018 it dipped to 1.21%. Some changes occurred in the recent General Conference of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. In the meantime, if there is anything I may have overlooked, underestimated, or failed to consider, please let me know that as well As previously noted, the open commenting period on these predictions remains in effect until 10:00 PM MDT on Thursday October 1, which will allow me roughly 36 hours to finalize my predictions before General Conference commences on Saturday October 3 at 10:00 AM MDT. Speaking to saints in Southern India as part of his Global Ministry Tour, President Nelson said that the Lord revealed His will that those in India would receive a house of the Lord. There’s something electric in the air, and big changes are coming in October’s General Conference. Thank you for the privilege of your time. A promise or invitation from each October 2020 general conference talk. As the October 2020 general conference approaches, here’s a look at invitations and promised blessings extended six months ago during April 2020 general conference. The church’s annual report presented during General Conference shows that the LDS church grew by 261,862 people in 2015, a 1.7% annual increase. I felt moved in many ways and deeply motivated to refine my faith & habits & heart. It will follow the same format asApril's General Conference. But the Lord often shows me just how much I don't know about where He will inspire announcements. Below is the text of the letter from the First Presidency, dated June 4, 2020… SALT LAKE CITY — Leaders of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints convened a second virtual global general conference during an international pandemic on Oct. 3-4, 2020. The final rumor is… That these are all a ploy to get us to watch general conference. April 2020 General Conference - Saturday Afternoon Session of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The kingdom of God is rolling forth, and the work is accelerating at an exponential rate. There are only a few days left until the conference.Your report of possible temples to be announced is super complete and clear, considering many issues to take into account.In my case, when I gave my possible announcements of temples, I do it from what I think, I do not get an apex closer to all the points you consider, more than anything I think about the distances that there are, and I consider that the Church when building temples in places with a single stake, you could do them in all countries the same way.I always think of my country Chile, and of being objective in having more temples announced for the country, especially because although there are many baptized and too many inactive, the few baptized who attend are very faithful and persevering, and based on this the Church it should advertise temples even if they were very small, as was the case in Winnipeg.In Chile and the world, more temples are needed, and there is money in the Church to be able to have more temples, no matter how small.I hope they continue to announce more temples and everywhere, they are neededan affectionate hug. Estimated Time-frames for Future Temple Events, Nations Dedicated for the Preaching of the Gospel, UPDATED: October 2020 General Conference Predictions. This digital-only conference will be broadcast to the largest global audience to date. Ideas to Prepare; Activities for Children; Conference Notebook for Youth; Live Viewing Times and Options; Format and Channel Availability; Ways to Subscribe; Ideas for Studying; About General Conference. Any and all comments are, as always, welcome and appreciated, on any post at any time, as long as such comments are made in accordance with the established guidelines. What will be the revelation we receive personally? !I hope you are in good health and spirits with your wife. As it turns out, phase 2 actually prioritizes those preparing to be sealed in the temple first, followed then by living ordinances for missionaries already out in the field, who commenced their service before going through the temple, then prioritizing those who are preparing to go out into the mission field. Thanks again, Omar, for taking time to comment. Reduce tithing to 5%. The updates largely speak for themselves, but I am happy to field any questions any of you might have about them. The kingdom of God is rolling forth, and the work is accelerating at an exponential rate. lds general conference 2020 live stream, Watch LDS General Conference Live | LDS Living Franco, second counselor in the Primary general presidency, began her talk by discussing “simple truths” of the plan of salvation, discussing a premortal existence with God and Jesus Christ, an earthly experience, and immortality and potential exaltation after death. Meanwhile, the number of temples in phase 2, which allows for the performance of all living ordinances, will rise to 103. Such proved correct. On this blog, I, James Stokes, share insights and analysis covering the latest news and developments reported about The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Prior to the October 2018 conference, a rumor floated around that church leaders planned to shorten church services by one hour. Passover also continues on that day Not an official site of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. I would respectfully ask that all of us do all we can to keep the dialogue positive, polite, and without malice or ill-will. Another theme that will be addressed at Conference is the name of Christ and its usage in relation to the name of the Church. by LDS Living Staff | October 7, 2020 On Wednesday, the text of the October 2020 general conference talks became available on ChurchofJesusChrist... Watch: The touching story behind this family's reaction to the announcement of a second temple in Bolivia. With phase 2 reopenings, the Church is setting a priority order for individuals involved. Featured, General Conference, LDS, LDS News | 0 |. There is nothing of greater consequence. While not open to the public due to the COVID-19 pandemic, there are a number of ways to watch or listen. Live Online Broadcast Sunday 4th and Monday 5th October. What a difference that would make in our lives. Related Posts. Church President Russell M. Nelson began preparing members for an unconventional General Conference experience at October’s General Conference as 2020 … This article won’t focus on the sensational and extravagant rumors, (and there are plenty of those) but it will bring to light some possible changes that align with the mission of the church and the doctrines that are discussed frequently by the brethren. We have already learned much of the Lord’s direction in April, and we will continue to learn more of what those instructions are during October’s General Conference. The wide scope of factors I use does make my list for each conference somewhat comprehensive. Feb 18, 2020 - Get excited and ready for the historic April 2020 General Conference! This is the mission for which you were sent to earth,” said President Nelson in June’s devotional for youth. My specific emphasis and focus is on the ministry of our current apostles, General Conference, and up-to-date temple information. October 2020 Wide Margin LDS General Conference PDF. ️️ Use these Latter-day Saint General Conference journals to help your family and those you serve record their thoughts and feelings as they prepare for the conference. My latest research seems to point to the idea that 8-12 new temples could be announced this weekend. “A pandemic cannot and will not stop the Lord from embracing us,” President Russell M. Nelson said in an email to church members before the conference. Even if it’s sometimes onerous, change can be good or at least interesting. In addition to my life-long love for the subjects which I cover in the posts of this blog, I have long held the belief that we can disagree without becoming disagreeable. It will be interesting to see for sure what happens in that respect. There has been a lot of backlash, confusion, and concern over this statement, even among members of the Church. Perhaps the topic that has generated the most rumors is the brethren’s emphasis on teaching in the home. There’s something electric in the air, and big changes are coming in October’s General Conference. This gathering should mean everything to you. Coffee and tea no longer against the Word of Wisdom. Temple: ~Perhaps youth being able to serve as temple workers, in the baptistry, for short duration/periods. I’m sure I’m not the only one who struggles with family time on Sundays – especially when you factor in other Church meetings such as Mission Prep or Self-Reliance. Apparently, I had erroneously reported the priority order that could be utilized. Download and print off these free LDS General Conference Printable October 2020 Inspiring Quotes. Missionary work: some investigators who gain a testimony of the Book of Mormon are. Speculation as to what would make the April 2020 General Conference such a special meeting immediately followed. I apologize for my unintentional misinformation on that previously.For the first time in the last few weeks, less than 5 temples are opening under each of the two phases currently in effect. March 28, 2016. In January of 2018, President Nelson gathered with the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles in the Salt Lake Temple annex where Elder Christofferson introduced Russell M. Nelson as the 17th President of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. October 3 @ 12:00 pm - 4:00 pm Free. Imagine if we spent even 15 (or even all 60) more minutes on a Sunday in personal study, pondering, prayer. With that in mind, while anyone who wishes can comment on anything if they choose to do so, I hereby reserve the right to immediately delete any comments which are critical, unkind, lack civility, or promote prodcuts, services, and values contrary to either the Church, or to the rules of online etiquette.I'd also like to remind all who comment here that I try to respond personally to each individual comment as I feel is appropriate. Live Online Broadcast Sunday 4th and Monday 5th October. wow. Read the full article on Mormon Light here. Video Content. LDS October 2020 General Conference. With President Nelson’s specific challenge for the youth to enlist in the youth battalion of the Lord, we will surely be hearing more about missionary work. Here is an additional report from the Church News, which acts as a summary intro to a more complete article from the Deseret News:https://www.thechurchnews.com/members/2020-09-21/fire-oregon-washington-latter-day-saint-homes-burned-193187My thanks once again to you all. Another reader, Chris,  gave a wonderful reply to Chelsea: “@Chelsea “If the church is true and we love the gospel, why is 2 hours better than 3?” Here are just a few reasons: The gathering of Israel on both sides of the veil necessitates the preaching of the gospel to the living, and this is one of the hallmarks of President Nelson’s message. “Programs of the Church are home-centered and Church sponsored,” said Mike Magelby, director of curriculum for the Church, during the Education Week presentation. LDS Church announces bicentennial celebration for 2020 general conference ... Conference Center prior to the Sunday morning session of the 189th Semiannual General Conference October 6, … October 07, 2020 15 Comments. What messages will be given? After best friend has heart attack on the field, football player chooses mission. Next Open house and dedication dates announced for Rome Italy LDS Temple. Just for fun. All of these are just suggestions, not necessarily saying I think these might or should happen. That does it for now. Disputations abound. What changes will be made? What an incredible General Conference. 3 temples will open under phase 1, and 4 more under phase 2. Can you? The Lord is guiding His prophet, President Russell M. Nelson. And phase 2 openings will go into effect next week for 2 temples in California (Newport Beach and San Diego), one in Latin America (Guayaquil Ecuador), and one in the Pacific Islands (Papeete Tahiti).The different demographic information contained in the Church News and Newsroom articles provides excellent insight into how much progress the Church has made in thee process of reopeening, and I can highly recommend those updates to any or all of you who may be interested in that information.Meanwhile, the Young Women General Presidency and General Board have authored an article about how the Children and Youth program is a tool for the work of salvation and exaltation:https://www.thechurchnews.com/leaders-and-ministry/2020-09-21/young-women-general-presidency-board-children-youth-program-tool-salvation-exaltation-192777My thanks once again to you all for your continued interest and ongoing support. “Your study starts at home.”³, Going back to the rumor of the 2-hour church block, one reader named Chelsea asked, “If the church is true and we love the gospel, why is 2 hours better than 3?”. This is the slowest growth in any year since 1937 (when it was 0.93%). Spiritual growth is personal. Omar, thanks for stopping by to comment. We continue to address our health issues to the best of our abilities. Although I hope that the bulk of comments that are made on this post are to provide feedback on the newest edition of my predictions for the October 2020 General Conference, I wanted to open a thread here on which I will provide pertinent Church news and temple updates until my next post is published. The October 2020 general conference sessions will follow the same pattern as the conference held in April of this year. by Lindsey Williams | October 7, 2020 Moments before … Hi! I have had a lifelong love for Church history, which has extended to ongoing reports of the ministry of our apostles and prophets, General Conference, and all temple developments. Thanks to a wonderful witness from his wife, Sister Wendy Nelson, we learned the process of how the Lord gave President Nelson “detailed instructions” on what to do in his ministry as prophet. Share: Rate: Previous How to attend, watch or listen to the 188th Annual LDS General Conference. Hello again, everyone! In my calling, I am away anywhere from 6-8 hours on a given Sunday. Additional information about this important matter will be made available in the coming months.”. Such proved correct. Among other metrics, I look at the total number of stakes in each temple district, the one-way mileage between any location and its' currently assigned temple, how long it has been since a temple was last announced anywhere near there, and a few other factors. Event Navigation « Gandhi Jayanti Live-Stream Program; Why Scientists Need to Talk About Religion to Address Race and Gender Disparities in Science » The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints invites everyone to participate in the 190th Semiannual General Conference October 3-4, 2020. This Day in LDS History. President Ezra Taft Benson said: “The record of the Nephite history just prior to the Savior’s visit reveals many parallels to our own day as we anticipate the Savior’s second coming.” In 3rd Nephi it says. As I have recently mentioned, I found a few minor errors and oversights in my predictions for the October 2020 General Conference.After reconfiguring a few things, I have updated my predictions for the poteential speaking ordeer, the most likely changes in general Church leadership, and the list of locations in which a temple might be announced. An extra hour at home would be such a. One’s testimony and love for the gospel does not automatically make one enjoy 3 hours of church. Relief Society General President offers 5 suggestions for ‘finding sunshine in the rain’ LDS Living - President Jean B. Bingham, Relief Society General President, recently penned a piece for the Ensign where she recalled childhood memories of getting caught in rain storms. However, there is nothing to stress about. The Church News and the Newsroom both provided different areas of focus on their individual coverage of the latest reopenings. It’s also a theme that will be addressed at Conference with a plea for more missionaries, both young and old, to serve. He never stops watching over … And they said unto him: Lord, we will that thou wouldst tell us the name whereby we shall call this church; for there are disputations among the people concerning this matter”. Not since 1956 have the stars aligned to give the world, Easter, LDS General Conference and April Fool’s Day all in one 24-hour period. LDS Media Library; Pacific Countries Australia; Fiji; French Polynesia (Tahiti) Kiribati; New Zealand; Samoa; Papua New Guinea; Tonga; General Conference October 2020 - Tongan Ways to Watch, Listen or Download the October 2020 General Conference. President Russell M. Nelson of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints hinted during the Church’s October 2019 General Conference that the upcoming Conference session­–to be held April 4 th and 5 th of this year– would be unlike any other. One of my favorite times of year is April and October during LDS General Conference. “The end for which each of us strives is to be endowed with a power in a house of the Lord, sealed as families—faithful to the covenants made in a temple that qualify us for the greatest gift of God, that of eternal life.”¹. Interestingly enough, a majority of the temples set to reopen next week are in Latin American nations.Temples reopening under phase 1 next week are the Cochabamba Bolivia, Merida Mexico, and San Salvador El Salvador Temples. “And Jesus again showed himself unto them, for they were praying unto the Father in his name; and Jesus came and stood in the midst of them, and said unto them: What will ye that I shall give unto you? “Situations in life can be similar to those storms,” President Bingham writes. Until my next post, I wish each one of you all the best and pray that the Lord will bless you all in everything you do. Powerful Video of All the Apostles’ First Testimonies in Conference. We have work before us to bring ourselves in harmony with His will. After reconfiguring a few things, I have updated my predictions for the poteential speaking ordeer, the most likely changes in general Church leadership, and the list of locations in which a temple might be announced. So this is no longer breaking news, but this morning, the First Presidency announced the continuation of the phased reopenings for temples, which appears to be the only COVID-19 update provided by the Church today. Differences of opinion are natural, while being disagreeable in expressing those differences is not. This blog enables me to share that love with all who read my thoughts on these developments, which are sometimes reported multiple times per day as needed. Thanks for supporting Sisters, What! Some are projecting a snowstorm. October 2020 General Conference; October 2020 General Conference; Additional Resources. This is something to be grateful for. Hello again, everyone! The 190th Semiannual General Conference of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints will be held Oct. 3-4, 2020. Women’s session: See photos and talk summaries for the October 2020 general conference; The women of the Church have ‘the spiritual power to change the world,’ President Nelson says; A family in Samoa listens to the Saturday afternoon session of the 190th Semiannual General Conference of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints on Oct. 3, 2020. Credit: Intellectual … President Russell M. Nelson recently made the following statement regarding the name of the Church: “The Lord has impressed upon my mind the importance of the name He has revealed for His Church, even The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. “There is nothing happening on this earth right now that is more important than that. May the Lord bless us all in our discussion of these important matters. LDS Media Library; Pacific Countries Australia; Fiji; French Polynesia (Tahiti) Kiribati; New Zealand; Samoa; Papua New Guinea; Tonga; General Conference October 2020 - Samoan Ways to Watch, Listen or Download the October 2020 General Conference. Thanks for the feedback on my list of temple candidates. As I have recently mentioned, I found a few minor errors and oversights in my predictions for the October 2020 General Conference. In a press conference during Nelson’s South America ministry tour, he said there would be more temples announced at October’s general conference. My wife and I are okay. I have also seen the following two rumors, but I think they have no credibility whatsoever, and do fall into the category of wishful thinking or just a joke. This post may contain affiliate links. But time will tell for sure. However, there is nothing to stress about. In my mind, this is a valid question and one that we should probably ask ourselves. Then they can use this same journal to record their thoughts, feelings, and ins
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