Fishability Test: Scout 330 LXF. However, the Board allowed for states to propose alternative regulations via conservation equivalency provided those alternative measures produce an equivalent reduction in harvest (by weight). Open season: Open Year Round. It’s just like the old days…, “Since November 2019, when an amendment written by the New England Fishery Management Council and later approved by the National Marine Fisheries Service pushed 'twin trawlers' further offshore — 12 miles for most of the New England Coast, 20 miles off the Cape and Islands...things have been improving.”, Please visit this link to read the full article: Cape Cod Times. Sharks/Tuna* Highly Migratory Species (HMS) permit is required to take, possess, or land any shark species, other than smooth or spiny dogfish. Contest ends September 1, 2020.…”, Please visit this link to read the full article: FishRulesApp. Winter Flounder. Boats. @tambasss @rodgeeks . And since you’re taking pics of your best catches, why not submit one to NOAA Fisheries’s recreational fishing photo contest #NOAAsFavoriteCatch? Awesome opening day weekend of our fall Blackfish season! “Winter flounder is still being rebuilt, but catches are improving. fishing daily through november! “The old-school classics and new-school favorites that changed the surfcasting game... “In picking this list, I didn't just look at which baits generally catch the most fish, or which have caught some of my biggest bass. The findings, therefore, suggest people who regularly eat seafood are also regularly eating plastic. At this time, DEEP anticipates no changes to recreational seasons, bag limits or size limits for any species other than striped bass and bluefish in 2020. Capt. »2010 CTF Game Dinner & Swap Meet: Feb. 13. Tautog AKA Blackfish fall season opens on Saturday, October 10, 2020. • Connecticut’s Blackfish Season Reopens 10 OCT Summer Flounder (Fluke) Minimum length: 18 inches Daily creel limit: 5 fish per angler Open Season: May 17 – September 21. Gear. Some nice sized fish in the 6-7Lb range were always in the mix. 2020 Tautog Seasons & Regulations March 31, 2020 Anglers throughout southern New England will soon be seeking action with buck-toothed bottom dwellers! Following the October meeting, both New York and Rhode Island stated an intent to pursue conservation equivalency and adopt a regulation other than the 28-35” slot limit. April 1 – December 31. • The Fishing Season We’ve Just Entered • Big Stripers On the Fly Rod • Flats Skiffs for Striped Bass • Bluefish Are Back At the Cape and Islands • CT DEEP Marine Fishing Report – 06 SEP 2018 • Are Bluefish Changing Their Migration Patterns? Tautog (Blackfish) Image Season Closes 2020-12-31 Under 38: Tog: OPEN: 5: 15.00: Weakfish: OPEN: 1: 13.00: No Closed Season : Winter Flounder: OPEN: 2: 12.00: NJ 2020 Saltwater Regulations Summary Comply with the law and measure your fish! Official 2020 Connecticut Fishing rules & regulations. Registration $40. CT Blackfish Season is Now Open. Tog season closes on Saturday, 11/28, but the reports seem to suggest that this is one of those years when a Thanksgiving tog is a distinct possibility. At the time of this notice, final approvals of conservation equivalency proposals are pending, and will be taken up by the Board at the February 4-6 ASMFC meeting. 2020-11-28 9:15 AM. Photos & Video. “Connecticut will no longer be issuing striped bass bonus tags... ”In 2019 3,018 tags were issued allowing anglers to harvest a single additional fish between 22 to 28 inches….”, Please visit this link to read the full article: Connecticut Long Island Sound marine Housatonic River fishing salt water saltwater inshore light tackle striped bass striper bluefish albacore weakfish fly fishing Stratford ct angler report reports Milford Bridgeport New Haven blackfish tautog scup porgy. Maryland Department of Natural Resources (DNR) announced that the 2020 juvenile striped bass index is 2.5, well below the average of 11.5, and even worse than last year’s 3.4…, “The ‘young-of-year’ survey tracks the reproductive success of rockfish in a given year. , a saltwater fishing license is required to fish the marine waters of Connecticut...and, if you intend to fish above the Merritt Parkway bridge on the Housatonic River, you also need a Connecticut freshwater license. In many cases, these are fish that hold over in bays, rivers, and estuaries until they’re ready to join the migration, and in others, they are true residents that never leave inlets and backwaters….”, Please visit this link to read the full article: Year Round. An enforceable definition of a circle hook is defined as a 'non-offset hook with the point turned perpendicularly back to the shank…. Catches have been good all along the CT shoreline and the fish are mostly still in depths under 30 feet. We'll be making some occasional postings to this blog whenever we see something of interest to Connecticut saltwater fishermen. Tautog (Blackfish) Minimum length: 16 inches Open Season: April 1 - April 30, 2 fish per angler Open Season: July 1 - August 31, 2 fish per angler document.write(unescape("%3Cscript src='" + gaJsHost + "' type='text/javascript'%3E%3C/script%3E")); 2020 Season; 2019 Season; 2018 Season; 2017 Season; Striped Bass; More Please visit this link for more information about Bigeye Tuna:, “Schools (swarms!) Still 2 Sundays’ are open for this season, 11/15,22 and for our finale on the Thanksgiving weekend I have both Friday 11/27 and Sunday 11/29 available. Anglers can also interact with the regulations in the app, so if you have a question about something, you can tap for more info. The bad is anglers from the area are just … Reminders: today’s (10/10) 8am boat is canceled due to wind ⚠️ Sunday’s (10/11) trip is SOLD OUT Monday (10/12) is the start to our Blackfish season. “For the more adept anglers, the choice of tackle is more about using the best tool for the task at hand than about personal preference... “Whichever will likely make a higher-percentage cast, work a bait or lure more enticingly, or best the quarry faster in an arduous tug of war is called into action.…”. They managed a good number of keeper blackfish, and some easy limits of big sea bass! at Town/City Hall, or online at "Licenses" in the Important Links list, below. The CT DEEP Marine Fisheries Program is holding a Public Informational Meeting to provide information on the status of important recreational species, to provide information on planned recreational regulations for the 2020 fishing season, and to gather public input on potential 2020 regulation options for striped bass and bluefish. October 10 – Dec. 6: 4 fish per angler Trips will run Monday - Friday from 7am - 2pm. […] Any fish less than 28 inches must be released. The numbers of keeper sized Tog was very good! April 1 – April 30 and July 1 – August 31. Skip has retired from guiding and Shoo-Fly 3 has been sold. The good part is blackfish season opened. Each Year Regulations remain in effect until changed. Friend Brian’s boat in the background almost looks as though the humpy is jumping on it. »Free Classifieds- Buy, Sell, Trade, Want Ads, etc. This means that 1 Striped Bass that is 28.0 to 34.9 inches may be kept per day. This helps increase fish populations and can improve local economies and fishing opportunities….”, Please visit this link to read the full article:, “Connecticut has had trout hatcheries since the late 1800s…. If you re strapped for bait or rigs, AW Marina will be open on Thanksgiving morning. Nanoplastics, which are less than 100 nanometers in size, are also present in the marine environment.... “A new study...found microplastics in every sample of commercial seafood they tested…. How to Use Fishing Lights. of menhaden darkening our water! 10/11/2020 . connecticut fishing report 9/30/20 **now booking** striped bass – bluefish blackfish – porgies – sea bass . Norwalk, CT - Blackfish Fishing Part 1 & 2 Capt Andy LoCascio - 12/02/2007 - Views: 411456 Captains Rich Tenreiro, John Marino of American Sportfishing Charters, and Henry Feeney spend the day illustrating ALL the techniques and gear needed to catch blackfish (tautog). »Technical Help, Test Posts, Feedback, Computer talk, etc. ... New Boats at the 2020 Fort Lauderdale Boat Show . Back then, however, there was an emphasis on individuals catching fish for a meal…, “Nowadays, while that happens, harvesting is not the primary reason community members go out and fish — they are fishing for recreational purposes, releasing their catch to catch it again another day.…”, Please visit this link to read the full article:, “As the cooler weather and water approaches so will the Striped Bass or Stripers as we call them in the Carolinas. // -->, Connecticut Department of Energy & Environmental Protection, Connecticut State Environmental Conservation Police, »Free Fishing Talk: Questions, Answers & Fishing Discussion, Fishing Reports - Only start new topics in these forums if you've gone fishing, »CTF Member ONE Lure Most Fish Species Caught Challenge Tourney, »Boats, Motors, Electronics, Trailers, Launches & Marinas. Jumbo Scup and Fluke too! } catch(err) {} Prizes for heaviest 2 togs, Raffle (included), Buffet, T-shirt plus a few surprises. var pageTracker = _gat._getTracker("UA-677254-1"); • “The Ultimate Guide to Catching and Keeping Sa... • Islamorada, FL: 2007: Edgar Was Getting A Bit... • CT DEEP Meeting on 2020 Recreational Fishery ... • “Connecticut Fishing Has A Lot To Offer”, • Connecticut Lost Nearly 10,000 Taxpayers in 2017. How to Use Fishing Lights. Connecticut Blackfish Season. Absolutely INSANE bite on Friday’s trip! ...bird-watching was more fun than fishing? "https://ssl." Connecticut Long Island Sound Housatonic River fishing saltwater inshore light tackle striped bass striper bluefish albacore weakfish fly fishing Stratford ct angler report reports Milford, • Circle Hooks for Stripers May Soon Be Mandatory, • Long Island Sound’s Salt Marshes In Trouble, • Opening Up Miles of Habitat for Fish Migration. Blackfish season gets started today By Tim Coleman Publication: The Day We have another week of good news/bad news. Bluefish Reservations are necessary! Boats. “And images of fish caught can be posted to social media platforms like Facebook. Tautog (Blackfish) season opens July 1 and closes on August 31. 7″ 30. How To. CT Blackfish Season Is Back! You can purchase these from your local bait & tackle shop, at Town/City Hall, or online at "Licenses" in the Important Links list, below. Boats. in Clinton, CareFree Boat Club CT, Wednesday, 11. Blackfish (tautog) certainly need help in Long Island Sound as predation is up and greater numbers of smaller fish (three to four pounds) are caught in comparison to larger ones…, “However, weakfish looks to have another promising year and is another fish that peaks the interest of inshore and offshore fishers alike, especially during their spring and fall runs.…”, Please visit this link to read the full article: ZIP06.c0m, “Get in on some light-tackle action—away from the crowds…, “What many don’t realize is that along every piece of coast that the migration touches, there are bass that don’t follow the herd. However, at this meeting, the DEEP Marine Fisheries Program will provide information on the status of important recreational species including summer flounder, black sea bass, scup, and blackfish. “What I like most about fall fishing is the diversity and the challenge. Ziffy Begins Blackfish Season 2020 In Niantic, CT - YouTube Bimini Custom Rods St. Croix Rods NOREAST'R . In the interest of maintaining regionally-consistent striped bass regulations, DEEP worked with NY DEC and RI DEM to develop regional conservation equivalency proposals, including: 1) a 30-40” slot limit (all anglers); or 2) a 30-40” slot limit for private anglers and a 28-37” slot limit for party/charter boat anglers. Year Round. The time of their arrival varies, thanks to multiple factors, but most importantly is the water temps along the Atlantic coast…, “Stripers are anadromous, meaning they spend most of their lives living in saltwater but migrate into freshwater rivers to spawn.”, Please visit this link to read the full article:, “Hobbyists with an obsessive taste for fly fishing treasures from the past are helping to preserve the craft and history of our sport…, “Collectors of antique fly fishing tackle are a unique breed.
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