One thing I have noticed is that atk does seem to scale better at lower atk. Posted by 2 years ago. Other than that, in general you just need to find the right balance between IAS, CHC, and CHD. I think attack speed comes into its own if you have items that procc on hit effects. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Does this apply to barbarians as well? Page 1 of 2: 1: 2 > … Whirlwind? Would the crit stat become less efficient than det by-the-point after reaching a certain threshold? IAS can be tricky but if you don't know if you build has breakpoints, it proooobably doesn't. Crit % Hit/Damage and diminishing returns? Everyone knows this already. Looking back the increase from the crit damage was 6.4% so 30% damage while full health is a bit better at full health. I play a monk and was wondering Does anyone know the diminishing returns for dexterity. I mean, having 100% CC and 100% CD with 0% IAS isn't very helpful at all, but every percentage point of CC adds an amount to your sheet DPS equal to 1% of your CD bonus, whether it's the 4th percentage point or the 40th. Every percentage point of CD adds just as much damage as the point before it. Going from 30% Crit … Overall damage increases linearly when only crit damage is increased. Crit damage is always better EXCEPT if your main form of damage is through bombs. So i've heard talk of stopping your Crit hit chance % and Crit hit damage % once you reach a certain point and then focus on attack speed. "What is the NR (negative returns) cap?" I don't think that makes the stat overall diminish in value, but it doesn't self-scale at quite the rate it … Generally, it's better to diversify your stat spread, because stacking one stat is inefficient due to diminishing returns (e.g. Bard : Are there Diminishing Returns on the Crit Stat? If your masteries modify anything other than those 4 stats, then there is … Note that for Mastery, we are talking about Mastery Points instead of percentages, since every class has a … If you do a 10k hit noncrit and 15k crit with 1.5 crit modifier then increasing the modifier to 1.6 increases the crit damage by 1k. Does this apply to barbarians as well? Going from 20% Crit to 30% Crit increases your damage by 4.54%. This, and also crit has diminishing returns by its nature. You'll never make an opponent deal less than their noncrit base damage, but as long as they have crit damage to reduce, your resistance will do so linearly. Crit has very little diminishing returns, but the rate of return is fairly low (at least compared to pre 2.0), meanwhile surge has hilariously steep diminishing returns. There is no diminishing return on investment in either Weapon or Spell Critical. This is one of those topics that tends to cause arguments between people who all have a perfect understanding of the topic, but a different perspective. At 1200 it makes a good jump again as it switches to the new curve. Dump all into one-stat, check DPS, reset, dump into another stat, check DPS, compare, etc. Crit damage by itself does not have diminishing returns. Now, firstly, crit damage is a simple not exponential nor reversed exponential function. User Info: infinitexx. Avalanche? Are there diminishing returns? Earthquake? You must log in or register to reply here. In that situation only would you want to prioritize atk stat over crit damage. I'm pretty sure I phrased it wrong but when building artifacts, is ATK%, ATK%, Elem/Phys DMG% any better than ATK%, Elemental Damage%, Elemental Mastery/Crit Rate%/Crit DMG%? In this video I'll explain how stacking crit affects your damage, and why it's important to pay attention to diminishing returns when it comes to critical values. Adding in the crit difference isn’t additive either, it’s more than 18%, it’s 18.8%. On another note, I've noticed Sprint Boost making Whirlwind attack faster. Not only due to the diminishing returns of overstacking critdamage, but also due to how armormechanics work in Warframe. Obviously the more of one of these values you have, the better the others become. You could have a slower swing and a high chance to crit or close to two swings in the same period of time, but still good odds that they will both Crit. Not a drastic difference, but it’s reasonable to assume that at bare minimum, you’re adding 20% damage by weakening a zone. Archived. I want to say 75%, but that's from memory and I don't have a source handy. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the Diablo3Barbarians community, Press J to jump to the feed. Elaborate please. If you have 59% crit, you have a 59% chance that adding another 1% will do nothing. adding penalties similar to diminishing returns to Crit, Haste, Versatility, and Mastery. What skills are affected by mainhand damage versus attack speed? Specifically a HoTA barb? The argument for focusing on IAS at a certain point isn't completely invalid though. I'd rather have 50% IAS, 50% CC, and say, 250% CD, than have a bunch of one or two of those and none of the other. The only diminishing returns are on the benefit you get for each additional point you put into the ability just like every other ability (I.E 1% for the first point down to .1% for some of the last points). Why is this? More attacks per second = more proccs. Try and increase all of them at a similar rate to maximize dps rather than going all in on one or two of them. adding penalties similar to diminishing returns to Crit, Haste, Versatility, and Mastery. Crit damage is only a multiplier. save hide report. Each point of strength gives you about 1 damage. Trying to build Ningguang and Lisa some DPS builds. I play in Xbox one so I can't link my character. TL;DR, CC and CD are always good. - Page 2. Effect of increased crit or hit chance. From 0 - 1200 on your primary stat, it follows the old diminishing returns curve that's been around since the game first launched. When reforging, itchy loses on strength. CD also doesn't diminish in it's returns. Share this post. Summary In short, after reaching 25% received from gear of any secondary stat, it will now take increasingly more rating to increase another % of that stat from your gear.
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