On new houses, it must be coordinated with the builder's schedule to be sure all systems are complete and ready for occupation. The second is after framing is completed, plumbing has been "roughed" in and electric wiring has been run, but before the walls have been covered. Warning: Before you buy a new house-know this. This inspection is conducted when all construction is complete. • Visually check Air Handler condensation drain and overflow drain lines  Most builders have a quality control system with their own inspectors. Once a wall has been covered, only Superman, with his X-ray vision, can see that the framing, plumbing or wiring was not installed correctly. It should be completed before closing with enough time remaining to accomplish any necessary repairs. The first inspection is called a foundation or “pre-pour” inspection and occurs just before the … We have many great home builders in Texas. A construction project is not approved until it has been inspected and accepted by city inspection staff. But, not builders. The first inspection would be before the foundation concrete is poured. Unless your building project requires special inspections, the following inspections may be required, most of which can be performed more than once: Site inspection (before first ground disturbance - erosion … The idea of inspecting each phase of construction is to catch problems or errors in a timely manner--- before the next phase of construction begins. Anyone who has watched a building under construction can appreciate its complexity and sophistication. Stage construction inspections are designed to ensure proper building techniques, workmanship and quality during the building process to protect homeowners and their investments. When people refer to ‘building inspections’, they could be talking about one of a number of different things. Ensuring the stage of the construction and scheduling the inspection is normally the responsibility of the client. However, unless there are extenuating circumstances, a three part (or phase) home inspection should be satisfactory for most houses. Actually, there are some other ways to discover those errors, but usually only after extensive damage has been done, costing many dollars to be corrected. The cost of the special inspection is covered by the project owner or the registered design professional. Zoning laws. Install Insulation. Common Types of Insulation in New Homes. When the project is finished, they perform a final, comprehensive inspection … It is not an exhaustive list, so be certain to check your locally adopted code for required special inspections. Although no two inspections are alike, inspectors perform an initial check during the first phase of construction and followup inspections throughout the construction project. They are paid by the builder. The timing on this, and most of the inspections, can be determined to a great extent by … Under Construction Phase Inspections Inspections are in accordance to the International Code Council (ICC). The idea of inspecting each phase of construction is to catch problems or errors in a timely manner--- before the next phase of construction begins. • Check exterior walls, sheeting seal, wall penetrations, windows and sealants  The third is the final, where everything should be in the right place and work correctly. with the National Cohesive Wildland Fire Management Strategy, Advancing Resilient Communities Through Science and Technology, Improving Education and Training Standards for a Safer Tomorrow. The most common type of construction inspection is performed by municipal building inspectors. If a builder tells you that they have their own inspectors and therefore you don't need your own inspection, you had better be very careful. Verify performance, operation and interaction with other systems and controls. Cellulose. The first phase of the new construction inspection process starts when the home’s foundation make-up has been complete, and the builder is ready to pour concrete. Independent building inspectors make sure that the structural integrity and materials used comply with or exceed the standards set by the proper authority. Follow our Coffee Break Bulletin series during the month of May for featured content related to Building Safety Month’s five weekly themes. Building codes 2. Inspectors, Realtors, Plumbers, Electricians, Heating and Air Conditioning Technicians, and Pest Control Technicians all need to be licensed by the State of Texas. But, did you know that builders here do not need a license? Concrete inspections. The model building codes address this need through a specific requirement for structural tests and “special” inspections. This inspection is performed prior to drywall or other interior wall covering being installed. There are many types of home inspections available for your house or building during its construction. • Inspect built in Appliances, and other Optional Systems. • Inspect the Structure including: Foundation, Grading and Drainage, Roof Covering. Gold Medal Inspections understands how important it is for home owners to have Peace of Mind. The inspector does this by enforcing the building code, … For more details on Inspection Scheduling - Automated Systems, see our handout: Guidelines to Using the Automated Plan Status & Inspection Scheduling Systems. Inspect the Building During and After Construction Several examples of different checklists are listed below. Windows, Fireplace/Chimney, Porches, Decks, Driveways, Carports Also, during an inspection … Please remember to have the building permit available onsite at all times throughout the construction period. Outlets, Switches, Fixtures, Disconnects, GFCI's  Assess mortar joint construction, grout placement, reinforcement welding and prestressing techniques. Builders do not need a license in Texas !!!! But they are not YOUR inspectors. This type of inspection may start when building … But, did you know that builders here do not need a license? The goal of the Department is to perform these inspections … Final Home Inspection Establish compliance with Association of the Wall and Ceiling Industries standards. Although the builder may indicate that the building is ready for inspection, you as the buyer, … • Inspect Electrical Systems including: Service Entrance & Panels, Branch Circuits. This is basically the same inspection we do on all houses new or used. Typically, the inspector is a Combination Dwelling Inspector which has passed the exams for structural, mechanical, electrical and plumbing. You may be surprised at what you'll learn, and the money you may save. Visit previous buyers in the subdivision in which you are interested to learn of their experiences with the builder. At various stages during construction, inspections must be performed by County staff to ensure the work has been done according to approved plans and building … On new houses, it must be coordinated with the builder's schedule to be sure all systems are complete and ready for occupation. Visit theGreaterHoustonBuilder'sAssociation, Its a great organization and may be able to help you determine the qualifications          of. Measure thickness; density; and bond strength to floors, walls and structural elements. Ordinances 3. a given builder as well as their history and education. Check high-load diaphragms, framing members at panel edges, nail or staple diameters and length.
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