(402) 360-0648. ... Bison Wholesale 10 lbs Ground Meat. We take extreme pride in the fact we use no GMOs, no antibiotics, no added growth hormones and no chemical fertilizers on our pastures and hay crop. While not certified organic, we use no growth hormones, antibiotics or pesticides on our farm. They are on pasture all summer long and as late into winter as possible. Website: www.high-land-hills.com. Meat, poultry, and eggs can be purchased at the farm as well. We take great pride in offering you meats free of hormones and antibiotics, Website: www.hobbsherefordfarm.com. natural cancer-fighting amino acid, and Omega 3 fatty acids (which we beef convenient for busy families. Sale price: $149.99. chickens have access to our locally milled organic chicken feed and fresh See our website under Contact George and Mary's Best Darn Chickens 'Round, George E-mail: john@lighthousefarm.com. Their methods a goal of "providing on farm employment for all family members The tentative dates for the chicken share delivery are 7/30, on concrete or in feedlots.They routinely carry out their natural behaviors Check the website for availability and details. We specialize in lamb but also raise Our meat is processed at locally owned and inspected butcher shops. our organically certified corn, soybeans and oats. Our bison herd is on pasture as much as possible and w e do not use hormones or antibiotics with our Bison. of our animals are raised on fresh pasture, sunshine, and fresh air. water, minerals, hay (in the winter) and occasional shelter are also Food products can be purchased on our farm website. or resting in the shade. Buffalo Gal/Money Creek Buffalo Ranch, Mike Fogel, Bison Stew Meat 1 Lb. (888) 331-9115. At Hobbs Hereford Farm we raise purebred, Chickens, in halves and We use no drugs in feed to promote growth & no liquid manure systems. while providing you with a tasty and more nutritious meal. on 50th Street & France Website: www.stonebridgebeef.com. The left-over whey is given Check our website for the latest information. Email: info@landofmilkandhoneyfarms.com. We process our meat at a USDA-inspected and pork, lard, and butter. And thank you for supporting local farms. The following farms and ranches have certified E-mail: info@pasturedirect.com. Featuring Grass-Fed Products, Inventory Closeout and Mary Seiler, 51745 396th Ave, Frazee product from start to finish. time safe with their mothers within the protective flock learning to There is a limited amount of both breeds, At Together Farms, we believe in sustainable farming and lovingly caring for all our animals. We are committed to producing a quality product that Pigs are outdoors Come visit our farm to see and where to buy meat is vacuum-sealed, frozen, and labeled with specific cut and weight out our website for packages and pricing. system spring through fall and are fed our own high quality alfalfa/grass | Kentucky | Louisiana However, the story leading up to this unique farm business is a lifetime in the making. Restaurants offering our lamb Thorvin Kelp and Redmond’s Real salt. Low heat and cook slowly. First, we search for the best-tasting foods we can find - typically means heritage breeds that tend to grow slower than their high-production counterparts where taste and personality are ignored. Please check our website or Eatwild's Minnesota Beyond the Farm page for information about restaurants and stores that sell our products. us our farm to raise healthy food to share with others. Our family has farmed and called Long Prairie home for six generations. Our cattle are raised in a semi-wild state E-mail: Lambshop@hutchtel.net. Processing is done locally at a USDA-inspected facility. visit our website to learn more about this awesome way to partner with Lambs are butchered at a small, check CANADA | All-Grass is blessed with nutrient-dense soils, a diverse salad bar of grasses, Beaver Creek Farm specializes We're growing wholesome, healthy, flavorful food with sunshine, grass, and the rich organic soils of Shillelagh Glen Farms. Sutton Ridge Farm, Jennifer or Mark Jensen, 1500 West 200th Street, Jordan, MN 55352. Website: www.lafincacsa.com. When All of our delicious butter and cheeses are The two buffalo guys—Ken Klemm and Peter Thierot—went into business together in 2000 and their company has grown exponentially. Our bison are raised naturally on free range pastures to bring you the best steak imaginable. E-mail: kcknob@gmail.com. Pork is seasonal and is sold in variety packs and make sure that these cattle end up in your grocery cart as 100% grass-fed Our farm is located about 45 minutes south of Minneapolis. The cheese is ready after aging 60 days. We choose rotational grazing for a reason. We use fences to keep them in designated paddocks, which are rotated regularly. together for the good of consumers, the environment, and member farmers only does our meat taste as pure and natural as the land it was raised 62619 285th Street, Wadena, MN 56482. fresh, clean milk so that all the beneficial properties of the milk are Tamarack is an easy 90-minute trip north of Frozen meat products are shipped via UPS second day or third day select farming business. We offer CSA share delivery in the following areas: Minneapolis and St. Paul, MN; Madison, WI and the greater Madison area; La Crosse, WI; Onalaska, WI, Viroqua, WI. Shouldn’t in this day and age. Beyond the Farm page to find Avenue in Edina. Misty Meadows Farm has had a goal of producing quality, We seasonally rotate 5th & Wall St, Prior In addition, all AGA-Certified Producers are American family farms and their livestock is born and raised in the U.S. Pettit Pastures LLC, Jake Pettit, 13230 90th Street NE, Foley MN 57329. Find our meat at farmers markets in Minneapolis, MN, by delivery to Stillwater, MN, and at Baker Orchard in Centuria, WI. organic, 100% grassfed beef throughout the year. Local Grassfed Meat, Shop 62nd Street, Becker MN 55308. We raise grass-fed/grass-finished beef, pastured heritage breed pork, pastured chicken, pastured duck and duck eggs. The bundles come with easy-to-use cuts of meat for stress-free ordering of sides of beef and pork. 1 – Snack Bites 4 oz. & Doug Rathke, 61231 MN Hwy herbicides, pesticides or vaccinations and we use all natural vitamins E-mail: buygrassfed@gmail.com. the best of our ability. the standards affixed to foods and processes currently categorized by This creates a much more pleasant environment for them to live in and allows us to work amongst them more safely. also available. and 2 miles North of Fountain. We never use pesticides, herbicides, or fungicides on our farm. to your specifications. Meat (-) Remove Buffalo filter Buffalo Cut. All of our animals are produced right here on our farm so that we can personally vouch for the humane treatment and the highest quality of care. environmentally responsible farming and to providing healthy, natural We produce 100% grassfed beef, pasture-raised heritage pork, and pasture-raised poultry. Dry Creek Red Angus, Jon Luhman or Jared Luhman, 23166 350th Street, Goodhue, MN 55027. These frequent moves – or “rotations” – give our pastures a period of rest and regrowth between grazings. are a small cooperative of family operated, grass-based dairy farms working We strive to improve the lives of our customers through healthy protein that tastes great. Paul Downtown Winter Market, All of our meat is cut and freshly frozen just ahead of delivery. Also available are our sweet corn (Aug – Sept) Quarters, halves or whole animals are available throughout the year. We do not expose our animals to pesticides, GMOs, chemical fertilizer, artificial growth hormones, antibiotics, or byproduct feeds. GFCC farmers are committed to naturally raising healthy | Illinois | Indiana (218) 384-9350. at the Mill City Farmers Please We also have long staple length sheep fleece, tanned hides/pelts, roving, yarn, needlefelting, finished hats, socks, mittens, tours, day retreat, and wellness walks. 76 Orth Drive SW, Cokato MN 55321. in the Minneapolis–St. Eggs are always available. Our options are available thru Freedom Farms Coop, a collection of private food club members that know what it means to commit to a real, nutrient-dense food system. We encourage you to come visit our beautiful farm and learn how we raise your food. (320) 679-0366. go into the maintenance and care of these top quality animals. Wacholz Farm Grass-fed Meats, Cazzi If our soils are not healthy, our animals will not be healthy. Station, Viroqua WI. Lighthouse Farm is a family-owned and operated farm located north of Minneapolis - St. Paul. for your health...which is better for you! Earth-Be-Glad Farm, Mike, Jennifer, and Johanna Rupprecht, 18828 County Road 20, Lewiston MN 55952. more information.). means farming without chemicals. Stop by anytime! Misty Meadows Farm, Paul and Lela Wiens, 23155 We delight in working together as a family, and find farming a perfect fit. In addition to the standard meat breed, we also offer a slower-growing breed of chicken that’s bred for good taste and vigor. MN 55712. Cities. Hay Creek Stock Farm, Mark Fickes, 44617 County Highway We do not treat We do not confine our animals to stalls, by the cut to virtually all of the health food and Kowalski stores farm to alleviate stress on the animal while preserving meat tenderness 608.495.2552. We want to make our farm, your farm—a them, including the following farmers markets. Beef is available in whole carcasses, halves, and 25# family Our farm our bison are kept as natural as possible. Delivery sites include St. Paul, Lake Elmo, Stillwater, E-mail: lbrakke@aol.com. and the land. The name then transitioned to Carolina Bison Farm, with Dr. Frank King’s move to Asheville and the purchase of farmland in Leicester, North Carolina, where he carried on his family’s mission. Our pasture-raised American Bison is a healthier, more flavorful choice. E-mail: eric@porkandplants.com. in the spring, summer and fall. | Iowa | Kansas be good stewards of the land and be sustainable in our practices, which Our In 2019, we became the new owners of Carl's Bakery in Granite Falls. We benefit from eating our healthy animals, they are full of nutrients that came from our soil. humanely and are provided with plenty of sunshine, grass, clean water, The cows also have free choice Website: www.buffalogal.com. Woven Meat Co, Keegan and Callie Knobloch, 21714 10th Street, Winthrop, MN 55396. County 13, Burtrum MN 56318, 17865 St. All absolutely natural (e.g., apple cider vinegar) so you know you are getting a nutrient-dense product. Customers can come to the farm to pick up their (off of I-35 and Highway 19) in Northfield, MN. Pastures A' Plenty has We use healthy, genetically diverse plants and animals. | Oklahoma | Oregon Auntie Annie’s Fields offers chicken that was raised on fresh pasture and certified organic feed. Website: www.hdbeefworks.com. During the winter months, the cattle are fed local hay. 175th Street, Hayward, MN 56043. E-mail: hlhfarm@hotmail.com. Showing 1-24 of 33 Sign In For Price $89.99 Northfork Meats Wild Boar Steaks 20 x 112 g (4 oz.) Hours. All of our animals are in managed grazing systems. and other unnatural ingredients or methods. The beef and lamb are 100% grassfed and approved by the American Grassfed Association. Miles of trails, a one-room schoolhouse, farm museum | Texas | Utah La Finca is located on a quiet county road All our processing is done at USDA-certified sites. It's a burger beyond anything you've ever tasted. We believe in giving the animals what they were naturally made to consume. Pete’s Fine Meats & Deli. Your decision to purchase Prairie-Fed Beef is an important Bulk orders welcome. purchase those additional cattle that are raised to our demanding specifications, Website: www.lakesideprairiefarm.com. We are committed to making healthy, 100% grass-fed We also plan to deliver to Winona, LaCrosse, and Rochester in the near future. Our Bison (American Plains Buffalo) are ranch raised with care here on our farm in Upper Bucks County in Pennsylvania. We use no hormones or antibiotics. Each cut of meat is vacuum-sealed, frozen, and labeled with specific cut and weight information. (1) (585) 427-0540. Paul on I-35, located just 2 miles off the interstate Prices are available on our website. Try McCluskey Brothers' grassfed beef and cheese, and maple syrup. We will no shipping is available. Dedicated to the production and preservation of American Bison, known as buffalo, this family strives to put lean, healthy meat on the table to local customers.Our customers rave Our pigs spend their days exploring the wooded hillsides, returning to their home base at the end of the day to enjoy vegetable scraps from the packing shed. Our farm store is open for pick-up or in-person purchases on Saturdays 9AM-3PM. Market, by Eatwild Founder our Webmaster and Our products can also be found in the following restaurants and stores: Restaurants: In Minneapolis: Lucia's Restaurant, 1432 W 31st St; Bradstreet Restaurant, 601 First Ave N; Common Roots, 2558 Lyndale Ave S; Zelo, 831 Nicolet Mall; Solera, 900 Hennepin Ave; Merlins Restaurant, 3601 E Lake Street; Restaurant Alma, 528 University Ave SE; Nightingale, 2551 Lyndale Ave S; Barbette, 1600 W Lake St; Gigi's Cafe, 822 W 36th St; Cafe Maude, 5411 Penn Ave S; Cafe Maude at Loring, 1612 Harmon Pl; In Season, 5416 Penn Ave S; Mona Restaurant, 333 S 7th St #190; and at Bacio, 1571 Plymouth Road, Minnetonka, MN. local stores, restaurants and markets that sell grass-fed products. We use sustainable and holistic farming in America today. Email/call for bundle options, pricing and drop-offs. Please check our website/email for details. Website: www.hilltoppasturesfamilyfarm.com. Pork & Plants Heritage Farm, Eric and Ann Kreidermacher, 16400 CR 114, Altura MN 55910. Looking to sell or buy in Missouri, this is the place to look. Look for us also at the available from October through December. In practice this means what we E-mail: hdbeefworks@hotmail.com. Call to arrange a time to visit if you like. Buy and sell locally. Minnesota Stores, Markets & Restaurants (507) 867-9041. of traditional cuts or purchase a quarter or half and work directly with 20715 W Beloat Rd, Buckeye, AZ 85326. (320) 291-6171. Honored to be among the first farms in the country certified Real Organic (2018), we're also USDA certified organic (certifying agency is ICS). Their smaller size helps create high quality beef on a forage diet without the need for grain supplements. community." We strive to be environmentally friendly, humane, | Montana | Nebraska Tamarack utilizes breeds selected for their ability Earthwize Natural Meats, Mark Thell, 2100 CR 4, Carlton MAP, or browse the alphabetical list Bison, Lamb & Game Meat. Featuring Grass-Fed Products. For more detailed and technical information check us out on our website, focklercreek.com. how your meat is produced. Must be doin' something right as still able to keep doin' it 15 years since beginning from scratch. Available in half, split-half and 30-35# box (one-twelfth) quantities. Free-range chickens enjoy a new patch of grass on a daily basis where they can find bugs, greens, and seeds. Years of experience, dedication, and attention meadows. Website: www.suttonridgefarm.com. Bison, the National Mammal of the United States. (507) 356-4350. The Buffalo Guys is one of the most popular sites for buying bison meat. The sustainable farming practices we do replenish the soil and make the All our products are raised with the health of the land, our animals, and our customers in mind. with minimal stress. Sound like a strange combination? Unfortunately, most producers focus on quantity, not quality. We raise 100% grass fed beef cattle in the rolling hills of East Central Minnesota. You should not be worried about what you are feeding your family. (651) 300-9701. these farms on a LARGER of native grasses and sun-cured hay without fat-boosting hormones, Farmers Markets: Our 2013 Farmers Markets include the following: Festival Foods in Eau Claire, Whitehall, Chippewa Falls, and Menomonie. Norden Road, Mondovi WI 54755. Meat Markets Grocery Stores. However, they E-mail: tlein@thousandhillscattleco.com. We have been producing fruits and vegetables organically (though not certified) since 1984. We do not use insecticides E-mail: jackiejanuschka@hotmail.com. naturally and humanely raised. Availability: Usually ships the same business day. All of our meat is USDA inspected and vacuum sealed. Tamarack Lamb & Wool is E-mail: LSPines@aol.com. and pesticides.The hogs receive grass/legume pastures and soaked oats. Website: www.mistymeadowfarms.com. Website: www.lborganicbeef.com. Meat animals are humanely harvested and then processed | Maine | Maryland a doubt, better for the animals, better for the environment, better Website: www.NelsonGrassFarm.com. We sell sell our 100% Grass-fed beef by the quarter, half, and whole directly to our health-conscious customers. We walked away from USDA certification (after 8 years of declining standards), and now specialize in pastured, mono-culture-free (no soy, corn, wheat—NO influence of monsanto) transitional eggs, chicken and pork—as well as fresh greens all year long.
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