Maybe it’s your chronic sleepiness, or your perpetual negative self talk. We may feel tightness in our hips, or weakness in our knees, but these pains are intimately connected to the energetic blockages that equally affect our minds. Most yoga teachers would probably agree that doing a yoga practice right before a sporting event is not ideal. Understanding the “Why does this work?” can help to improve the process and obtain even greater benefits. Reflexes will be considerably slower. She is also the creator of a number of online programs. I started out by purchasing the app Down Dog. 🇺🇸❤️🇺🇸💙🙏🏼👊, 🎃”If you change the way you look at things, t, 🇺🇸 In our recent trip through the Deep South, 💖 “There is a magnet in your heart that will, 🎀 Pink Ribbons Don't Cure Breast Cancer. They want proof of the physical benefits. Yoga has many benefits including improving posture and alleviating back pain, among other physical and mental benefits. This leads to increased moisture content and greater flexibility, mobility, and lubrication in the tissues. A naturally meditative practice, by spending time in stillness, Yin Yoga creates the opportunity to closely examine the nuanced sensation of the tissue as it receives the benefits from the long holds, as well as observe the natural tendencies of the mind. According to Taoist philosophy, all energy originates from the same primordial source. Scientific research has also shown that yoga can be used to improve specific conditions and ailments: ... With as many physical benefits as emotional, Yin Yoga is a perfection addition to anyone’s practice. Yoga, breathing exercises, and meditation can reduce stress, promote healing, increase energy, decrease adverse cancer treatment effects, and enhance quality of life for patients. Yin Yoga: 4. It is interesting to understand why it works for you, but don’t deny the evidence in front of your own eyes simply because someone else is not convinced. Another similar question goes something like this: “I heard from another yoga teacher that Yin Yoga is dangerous and I shouldn’t be stressing my joints or compressing my lower back. Yin qualities are slower, softer, and deeper which help to balance yang qualities which are focused on speed, action, and results. Yin yoga has many benefits. The thoughtful and articulate Bernie Clark joins us on the show this week! The anecdote is the weakest form of proof, while an experiment is the strongest. Steeped in the wisdom of Buddhist mindfulness, and her deep respect for the beauty and magic of the natural world, her teachings emphasize self-care and are holistic and therapeutic. Benefits of a regular Yin yoga practice Calms and balances the mind and body Reduces stress and anxiety Increases circulation Improves flexibility Releases fascia and improves joint mobility Balances the internal … There are four levels of evidence that can be offered for any scientific assertion or theory: These are listed in increasing levels of validity and acceptability. We could spend some time discussing the psychological benefits of Yin Yoga, but this is not the kind of proof the students and teachers asking the above questions are seeking. Yin offers a unique opportunity to cultivate gratitude for the body. This is the second form of evidence; it is not ideal but it does offer some proof that Yin Yoga does work. While some of the above benefits are due to the yang nature of the practice (such as strengthening muscles), most of these benefits will be obtained through the practice of Yin Yoga as well. [8], In the world of physiotherapy, long held stress results in myofascial release (MFR) of tension, which has been shown to improve healing response. Here are 5 ways yin yoga could help you. 3 Physical Benefits Of Yin Yoga 1. “Every day should be a day of Thanksgiving for t, ✨”You think you must have this or that and the, Celebratory #vegan brunch after a roller coaster w, Gurrrrrrrl! (“Oh look … there … is … the … puck …”). Benefits of Yin Yoga Yin Yoga is a yoga practice in which you hold poses for 3-5 minutes. Elastic fascia and mobile joints lead to better flexibility, which is one of the key benefits to a regular yin yoga practice. A review of research papers studying the relationship between … This yoga is based on the Yin Energy principle, which is subtle or slow. Flexibility During yoga, you can target specific meridians leading to greater harmony in not only the physical body, but also this energetic system. This reduces our question to a more specific “Why does Yin Yoga make my connective tissues healthier?”, Unfortunately, I am aware of no studies or experiments evaluating Yin Yoga specifically. If Yin Yoga works for you, why not believe your own experience? The benefits of yoga in general [Yoga] practices enhance muscular strength and body flexibility, promote and improve respiratory and cardiovascular... [Yoga] practice improves depression and can lead to significant increases in serotonin levels. Many studies since the 1970’s have shown that a regular meditation or mindfulness practice reduces stress, stress-related illness, reduces blood pressure, heart disease, reduces depression, anxiety, the problems of diabetes, turns off the flight-or-fight response, improves wound healing, interpersonal relationships, coping skills, increases cognitive abilities, thickens the prefrontal cortex of the brain, … and on and on. When you finish a restorative session, you will feel healthier, more rejuvenated, and better balanced. Your personal anecdotal experience should be considered strong proof that, for you at least, Yin Yoga is efficacious. Doing the poses is respecting the flow of the Chi or energy. These are areas of the body often not reached with a typical yang style of yoga practice or fitness regime. Spine biomechanic and university professor Stuart McGill notes, “we now have proof that the extended postures [of the spine] can drive the nucleus material that is in the delaminated pockets of the posterior nucleus back towards the central part of the disc.”[10] In other words, the Yin Yoga pose called Sphinx can help some people with their bulging discs (but not everyone! The benefits of yin are numerous. Fascia needs at least 120 seconds of sustained pressure to start to change. “I know that I feel great after doing my Yin Yoga practice, but I wonder if Yin Yoga really works. Balances Yang. From the facts must flow the theories, not the other way around. You Can Stop Trump’s Ex-Coal Lobbyist from Heading the EPA By Interfaith... © 2020 Conscious Living, LLC. Most postures are done on the floor and focus on the lower half of the body. I so appreciate your willingness to talk about parroting your training at first (we all do this), and learning to do your own research and I LOVE … There is a reason for this phenomenon: Yin Yoga activates your parasympathetic nervous system, which is responsible for the body’s rest-and-digest mode. You're on the floor for most of it and hold positions for a long time. Yoga Equal parts science and spirit, Yin Yoga and meditation can be experienced as a practice of optimal well-being for the whole self. It has a range of benefits to offer. This is excellent training for the real world. Is there any scientific evidence you can provide that proves Yin Yoga is good for me?”, This question, and others just like it, is often asked in emails I receive from students and teachers. Jennifer’s offerings reflect her extensive and varied expertise in the fields of contemplative practice and integrative medicine. Studies have shown that the lower the amount of stress and the longer its duration, the better the wound healing response. 🎀 D, You Can Stop Trump’s Ex-Coal Lobbyist from Heading the EPA, Moving with Compassion: A Journey of Yoga, Healing & Women’s Empowerment, WATCH: Peace in Action, The Yogaville Community, Watch: Yoga Teacher Training-Chicago Style, WATCH: THE CURE Documentary Official Trailer, Overcoming the Stress of Cancer Misdiagnosis, Keep Your Skin Happy with These 7 Vitamins, Watch: Celebrating Spiritual Diversity – Many Paths, One Truth, WATCH: Bali’s Healing Raw Food Immersion at Svarga Loka Resort. Jennifer Raye holds her doctorate in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Unfortunately, while the posture used in the study was definitely Yin Yoga-like, the student was a rodent, and we must extrapolate the benefits of rat yoga to humans cautiously. However, this is not a legitimate conclusion given the nature of the study: the study did not look at the long term effects on health and performance of a regular yoga practice, it only looked at the effects of short term stretching immediately before an athletic event. Without a practice like yin yoga your deep fascia can become dehydrated, stiff, and less elastic. Physical and Mental Health Benefits of Yoga. During the practice of yin yoga, postures are softly held for longer periods of time. [12] These included. This is not to imply that looking for a deeper understanding as to why the facts are they way they are pointless — far from it! Sign up for our monthly love letter or stream the latest seasons of Conscious Living now on Amazon Prime. Restorative and yin yoga are both very relaxing. On-going research indicates yoga can have even more beneficial effects, including: Improved heart rate variability ; Enhanced physical health (balance, strength, mobility) ... Yin Yoga. A study of contracture repair contrasted short, intense stresses like we find in an active yoga practices with long held, mild stresses like we find in a Yin Yoga practice. What is Yin Yoga. Yoga is known for its ability to ease … There are no specific scientific studies of Yin Yoga, however, there are many studies of yoga and meditation in general from which we can reason Yin Yoga would generate similar benefits. Yin yoga also prepares the mind by helping it to settle and calm before moving into formal meditation. Someone else’s anecdote, however, is not as valuable.[2]. While weak, an anecdote is still evidence: and if your personal experience is that Yin Yoga works for you, makes you healthier, cured your specific ailment, then what more proof do you really need? Weight gain in the hip area can be a desire to keep sexual intimacy at a distance. Yin is used to describe qualities that are passive, internal, and receptive, in contrast to yang, which is more active, fiery, upward and outward moving. This study suggests that this stress can help strengthen the bones and ligaments along the spine. When you’re stressed, the body ignores secondary priorities like digestion, hormonal regulation, sexual function, and memory, in order to focus its energy on a stimulus it perceives as threatening. She is a published author, experienced yoga and movement teacher, licensed herbalist, acupuncturist, holistic nutritionist, and mindfulness meditation teacher. The Takeaway on Yin Yoga and Yin Yoga Benefits. Research has found Yin Yoga to have a significant impact on lowering stress and anxiety, as well as reducing the risk of depression. The point is to ensure that we do not let hypothesis and experimentation on others diminish the reality that you experience for yourself. Do you have any scientific evidence that Yin Yoga is healthy that I can take back to my teacher?”. Perhaps my favorite from the interviews I conducted came from Kourtney Hartmoyer. Decreasing Post Traumatic Stress (PTSD): In one study (2014) focusing on adult … Yin Yoga regularly employs much longer stress times, ranging from 1 to 10 minutes or more, but usually the postures are held from 3 ~ 5 minutes. An Introduction to Yin Yoga - YouTube. We hope you will join our conscious community of change makers and take the journey with us as we travel the wild road to a better tomorrow. Decreased range of motion in joints such as the hip joint, can cause stiffness and lack of mobility. Postures and breathwork typically focus on manipulating the fascia —the deep connective tissues that fit like a sleeve around muscle groups and individual muscles. Indeed, the word “health” comes from an old English word that means “whole,” and optimal health is wholeness of mind, body, and soul within your physical and social environment. Students who are insecure may devalue their own life experience in the face of an authoritative figure (like a senior yoga teacher or doctor who expresses strong convictions), but your own experience is the ultimate teacher. As this occurs fibers in the deep fascia begin to stick to each other, creating adhesions that decrease mobility and increase fatigue and bodily pain. Remember, while you are marinating in your Yin Yoga postures, you are provided a wonderful opportunity to deepen your meditation or mindfulness practice. Yin Yoga Benefits: Healing heart and mind at the same time, Yin yoga benefits are several and hence is widely practised by many people. Connective tissue is a general term to describe the material in your body that supports and... 2. Yoga also increases proprioception and improves balance. Yin yoga: be part of the yin crowd Forget fast-paced ashtanga or sweaty Bikram – slow, simple yin yoga is the class to choose if you want to calm the mind and stretch the body. We can look forward to the day when researchers take on the challenging of directly investigating Yin Yoga’s benefits in the lab, but until then, personal experience of improved health is also a valid form of evidence. However, the psychological benefits are very important and worth addressing at least superficially before delving deeper into the biological basis for Yin Yoga’s efficacy. For more information and free resources visit These will give you some of the best reasons why you must do a Yin yoga workout. This model recognizes that health is not simply having a physically sound body. Yoga is … [5] The researchers concluded, “The longest period of low force stretch produces the greatest amount of permanent elongation, with the least amount of trauma and structural weakening of the connective tissues.” The shorter, more intense stresses (more yang-like) were observed to have resulted in “a higher proportion of elastic response, less remodeling, and greater trauma and weakening of the tissue.”? All Rights Reserved. Distraction (often called traction) is the application of a long-held stress that tends to pull bones apart. What are the general benefits of Yin Yoga? Going in the other direction, if a joint is overly contracted and range of motion is limited, the treatment is not surprising for any student of yoga: mobilization. Each chapter briefly summarizes the scientific research on yoga for the specific conditions. What are the benefits of yin yoga specifically? It Balances Your ChiAccording to traditional Chinese medicine, our bodies are … Here's an example: When your outer hips are relatively open in a pose like Warrior II, you'll be able to rotate your front thigh out and line up your front knee toward the pinky side of the toes.But if that area is tight, your knee will buckle in toward your big toe, which can strain the inner knee. From a physical standpoint, yin postures are all about release. Ancient wisdom traditions like Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda (the sister science of yoga), draw on an energetic understanding of the body that includes pathway-like meridians or “nadis”. Tightness in your groin may have to do with inflexibility, sexual repression and inhibition. We’re Michael + Bianca Alexander, founders of Conscious Living. Yin yoga has many benefits. Which one is right for you depends on your fitness level, yoga experience, and goals. I … There are many studies looking at Yoga or stretching, but all of these, from what I have seen, employ relatively short stress times, on the order of 20 seconds or so. These studies provide evidence that the stresses applied during a Yin Yoga practice can lead to greater physiological and psychological well-being. The term “yin” that we use in the name “yin yoga” comes from ancient Taoist philosophy. To fully appreciate everything Yin Yoga does for us in all these areas would take a book; so let’s restrict our investigation to the connective tissue. The researchers who designed the study noted that yoga's established benefits—including better balance and coordination—protect against falling, a major cause of osteoporotic fractures. The simplicity … Hatha and Vinyasa yoga share many of the same poses, but the pacing is different. Chapters 10 through 12 discuss additional information on yoga for specific health conditions. Yin can feel meditative and is great for beginners and experts alike. One study found that distraction stimulates both the growth of bones and their associated ligaments. To do this, the postures have to be done in a non-aggressive way. Yin qualities are slower, softer, and deeper which help to balance yang qualities which are focused on speed, action, and results. This bears repeating: if your experience is that Yin Yoga works for you, why would you doubt your own experience? Yoga increases blood flow and levels of hemoglobin and red blood cells, which allows for more oxygen to reach the body cells, enhancing their function. They are seeking proof of a biological benefit for Yin Yoga. If you live in the modern world, chances are, you could use more yin in your life! Yin yoga gives you an opportunity to slow down and come home to yourself. Some of these studies cast yoga in a negative light and conclude that yoga before an athletic event is counterproductive. If your intention is to gain or maintain optimal health, we then have to ask, “What is health?” A new model of medicine is becoming commonly used called the biopsychosocial model. You can expect slow, deep stretches and meditation in a Yin Yoga class that balances and strengthens the body, mind, and spirit. Yin yoga offers deeper access to the body targeting our connective tissues, fascia and ligaments with the aim of lubricating and protecting our joints. Yin Yoga encourages you to become aware of these stored emotions so you can begin to recognize them and release them. Yin Yoga lengthens the fascia, releasing the stuck spots and allowing the tissue to rehydrate and glow again (like soaking the sponge). Whatever the distraction is, during the practice of yin yoga you have the chance to see it clearly and use it to gain greater self awareness. Yoga helps to build muscle mass and/or maintain muscle strength, which protects from conditions such as arthritis, osteoporosis and back pain. It counteracts the very real stress many people are experiencing on a daily basis. [11]), Because there are no studies looking specifically at Yin Yoga, we have to extrapolate from experiments using Yin Yoga-like techniques. Yin Yoga uses floor-based poses that are held on for a longer period. This is very similar to what we do in our Yin Yoga practice: we come to an edge, not the deepest possible position, but a place where we feel some challenge, and we soften and hold for time. Perhaps it’s your anxiety or boredom. I first discovered yin yoga when I was heartbroken. The postures are held for between 30 seconds up to two minutes or longer. Practices that foster a contemplative state of mind, and stillness in the body, can reset the nervous system, and trigger a relaxation response, leading to greater states of peace and healing. … 3. With this understanding, our question becomes, “Why does Yin Yoga work for me?” From a physiological perspective there are several possible avenues we can explore: effects in the connective tissues, effects within the muscles, effects within the nervous system, the immune system, the endocrine system and even within the epigenetic system. Global Yoga Statistics. Yoga is wonderful, and I love it…and just like anything else (including fascia release), it’s so important to know the risks/benefits and how every person is going to respond unique to them. [3] From this, the conclusion arose in the minds of some readers that yoga will not increase athletic performance. A meta-study (which is a study of studies) done in 2011 summarized several significant benefits from a regular yoga practice. During a yoga session, the joints are taken through their full range of motion, squeezing and soaking areas of cartilage not often used and bringing fresh nutrients, oxygen and blood to the area, which helps to prevent conditions like arthritis and chronic pain. They wanted to determine whether the yoga poses they selected might also increase bone density by imposing force on the spine and … As described in my 21 … Yogis can enhance this benefit by placing their attention on the breath in a gentle but concentrated way during a yin sequence. She wrote, “yin yoga is a deeply restorative, nurturing and healing practice. Science begins with the facts; data are observations, empirically derived and undeniable. Jennifer teaches classes, retreats, and teacher training, locally and internationally, in addition to running her private medical practice. Here are 5 ways yin yoga could help you. These meridians contain “Qi”, or “Prana”. Because fascia needs at least 120 seconds of sustained stretching to actually affect its elasticity, yin is one of the most effective ways at improving your flexibility and releasing tension in tight spots … It is a fantastic second chakra pose and relates a lot to the water element, flexibility and fluidity. You can see your patterns clearly and show up more fully. Combining the practices of Yin Yoga and mindfulness meditation creates powerful possibilities for transformation and holistic healing on all layers of being—body, mind, and heart. If you live in the modern world, chances are, you could use more yin in your life! If something works for you, it is probably good; and if something doesn’t work for you, no matter how prestigious the teacher or doctor suggesting it, drop it. Hip openers help your knees. Next time you come up against your habitual distractions, the practice makes you more likely to respond thoughtfully and mindfully instead of reacting instantly to discomfort and pain. Yin Yoga % Types of yoga practiced in the US TriYoga/Flow Yoga: 4. All of these are factors to consider when we look at how our yoga practice helps us gain and maintain health. Yinsights into the way the body works, how energy flows and even how our minds operate, provide a baseline upon which we can observe how a dedicated yoga practice influences us. Welcome! Another study utilized stress in exactly the same way that we do in Yin Yoga, in fact this particular study looked at the effects of a 5 minute stretch of the whole body, done twice a day, and found, “Mechanical input in the form of static tissue stretch has been shown … to have anti-inflammatory and anti-fibrotic effects.”[7] In other words, holding a whole body stretch for 5 minutes helped improve the body’s immune response and reduced fibrotic restrictions to movement. I hope you try it out and experience the qualities of yin in your life. For example, it would not be a good idea to do a Yin Yoga practice just before playing a game of hockey. For anyone who endures discomfort during meditation, doing a few yin postures before sitting will help to create more elasticity in the joints and tissues. However, the benefits go beyond the physical. Connective Tissue
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