Sapele LGA Zip Codes, Zip Codes of all Nigerian States, Local governments areas LGA, Towns, Districts, and streets It has an headquarter located in Koko town and consists of other towns which includes Tebu, Tisun, Ugbege, Aleima, Bear-Town, Brohimi, Odububa, Ogbinbirin, Ogbudugbodu, Okoromado, Opuama, Abegborode, Ajamogha and Arunologbo. He was born on the 17 th April, 1964, first of a set of triplet; a girl and two boys. The headquarter is located in the town of Agbor with other towns including: Abavo, Agbor-Obi, Agbor-Alidima, Agbor Town, Agbor, Agbor-Nta, Aliagwa, Alifekede, Alizormo, Alihagwu, Alihame, Aliokpu, Alisimie, Alisor and others. District: Sapele Rural/Amukpe. It has an administrative capital in Patani town, which the area got it name. Warri North LGA is one of Delta local government area. Delta State (recognized on August 27, 1991) is an oil and agricultural producing state in Nigeria.It is situated in the region known as the South-South geo-political zone with a population of 4,112,445 (males: 2,069,309; females: 2,043,136). The State got it name after the delta region of the River Niger, which is major in the state area. Zip Code: 331107. It is headquarted in Effurun and comprises of other towns which includes Ekpan, Enerhen, Jeddo, Okpaka, Okuamowah, Okuireroh, Okwemowa, Okwetata, Okwtata, Opete, Ugbokodo, Ugbolokposo, Ugbomoro, Ugboroke and Ughoton. His parents were Hon. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); They described it … By Paul Olayemi, Sapele Residents of Sapele in Sapele local government area of Delta State have raised alarm over the incessant deaths in the community It lies along the Benin River just below the confluence of the Ethiope and Jamieson rivers, 98 miles (158 km) from the Escravos Bar and entrance to the Bight of Benin. Other towns are: Aviara, Emede, Enhwe, Erowa/Umeh, Igbide, Irri, Oleh, Olomoro and Uzere. Notable towns in the area include: Abarra, Aboh, Afor, Ase, Ashaka, Ibedeni, Ibrede, Okpai, Onyia, Ossissa, Adiai, Akarai, Beneku, Igbuku, Obikwele, Onogbokor, Onuaboh, Ushie, Umuolu and Utchi. Ughelli South LGA is headquatered in Otujeremi town. List of Local Government Areas in Delta State, Name of Chairman and … NIPOST is the body that gives postal codes to states base on its geographical location. Ika North East LGA has an headquarter located in the town of Owa Oyibu and with other towns like Akumazi, Idumuesah, Igbodo, Mbiri, Otolokpo, Owa, Umunede, Ute-Ogbeje and Ute-Okpu still making up the area. Postcode system was established during the 20th century. Local Government Area: Sapele LGA. ... Sapele,Delta,Nigeria. city in Delta State, Nigeria ... local government area of Nigeria: Location: Delta State, NG : Population: 242,652 (2006) 5° 53′ 39.12″ N, 5° 40′ 36.12″ E ... Statistics; WikiShootMe; Search depicted; Sapele is a city in Delta State, Nigeria. Required fields are marked *. It is usually administered by the military company like here in Nigeria. By Paul Olayemi, Sapele. In this post you’ll discover the names of all those Local Government Areas. Its capital is located in the town of Ughelli and other major towns include: Agbarha-Otor, Agbarho, Evwreni, Ogor, Orogun, Ughelli and Uwheru. Bishop Blessing Avbenayeri Erifeta hails from Otefe, Oghara in Ethiope West Local Government Area of Delta State. This is a list of villages and settlements in Delta State, Nigeria organised by local … Warri South West LGA has it headquarter located in the town of Ogbe-Ijoh. Sapele Local Government Area counts as one of the twenty-five LGAs of the state with its administrative headquarters sited in Sapele under Delta state central senatorial district comprising of Sapele Rural/Amukpe,Ugborhen and Elume. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Ethiope West LGA also make up as one of the 25 LGAs in the State. Rhemalisa International Sixth Form College Asaba, Delta, Nigeria. Delta state is a rich oil and gas producing state in Nigeria, and they have a rifenery and sea ports to complement this. Towns in Okpe LGA include: Ajaguoyibo, Arunuse, Egbaghe Egbega-Oviri, Egbele and Obamedi. Other towns are: Kabowei, Kumboei, Agoloma, Bolou, Apelebiri, Bolou-Angiama, Odoruba and Toru-Angiama. Felix Anirah, has donated 15 classrooms, bore hole, note books, teachers’ desk and electricity to Ethiope Mixed Secondary School, Sapele. State: Delta State. “At the federal, state and local government levels, zoning is strictly adhered to. DJ Xclusive Biography and Top Six Things You Should Know About DJ Exclusive, Top 5 most Popular Mobile Phone Brands in Nigeria 2015, Top Ten Best Universities in Nigeria (Latest Ranking). Ijaw youths from Ogbe-Ijoh Warri urban communities in Delta State have rejected the creation of a ward in Warri South Local Government Area. There are other notable towns in Aniocha North LGA which include: Ugodor, Obomkpa, Anioma, Ubulubu, Idumuje-Unor, Issele-Mkpitime, Ugbodu, Onicha-Ukwu, Isa-Ogwashi, Issele-Azagba, Obior and Onicha-Olona. Sapele LGA is a renown area and one of the twenty-five LGAs of Delta state. Other prominent towns and districts in the area include: Abbi, Ogume, Onicha-Ukwuani, Utagba, Utagbe-Uno, Ijeze, Imam-Abbi and Emu-Uno. Udu LGA is another area in Delta, and its local government area headquarters is sited in Otor- Udu town. Sapele Local Government Area (LGA) of Delta State, Nigeria, has several Districts which all make use of different postal or zip codes. Other major towns still within the state include Agbor, Ughelli, Oleh, Ozoro, Oghara, Sapele, Koko, Burutu, Okpanam and Ogwashi-ukwu. Delta State is located in the southern part of Nigeria, and its capital is located in the city of Asaba, which is also one of the biggest commercial centers in the state. Delta State (recognized on August 27, 1991) is an oil and agricultural producing state in Nigeria. There are other towns which include: Abraka, Agbon, Akpoho, Ekerejeta, Erho, Ofuoma, Ogheje, Okagbare, Oria, Ugolo, Umeghe, Urhuagbesa Urhuogo Inland, Urhuoka and Urhuovie. List Of Secondary Schools In Delta State. Sapele local government area has Dr. K. Okunomo . It headquarter is in Burutu towns, with other towns like Forcados, Iduwuni, Ngbilebiri-Mein/­Ogbulubiri, Obatebe, Ogulagha, Operemor, Seimibiri Toumo, Dunu-Ogusu, Edegbene, Ikorogha and Oboro making up the area. It has a temperature range of 32.20C with rainfall range of Sapele exists as one of the twenty-five local government areas located in the central corner of Delta state senatorial zone with its capital administrative headquarters in the Sapele which is part of Okpe kingdom under the Urhobo ethnic group,thus forming a federal constituency together with Bomadi local government area. Ika South LGA is a sister local government area to the previous. Uvwie LGA is an industrious area in Delta state. Isoko North LGA is a prominent local government area in Delta state and it houses the State Polytecnic at Ozoro town, it administative headquarter. Bomadi LGA’s headquarter is located in the town of Bomadi and the area consists of other towns like Ogriagbene, Esama, Akugbene, Kpakiama, Ekamuta-gbene, Azebiri, Ogodobiri, Okoloba and Kalafuo-gbene. It has an administrative headquarter in Issele-Uku town. Other towns in the area are: Ellu, Emevor, Iluelogbo, Iyede, Okpe-Isoko, Otibio, Ovrode, Owhe/Akiehwe, Oyede and Ozoro. It has an administrative headquarter in Oghara town. Evwrirhe, Oniere, Uheredjo, Ahadja, Asagba, Ayama, Edjophe, Egiegi, Egini, Ekete, Ekorota, Emadadja, Erhieuiohor, Obodo, Obubu, Ogbe-Udu and Oghior towns are the notable areas in Udu LGA. Sapele, town and port, Delta state, southern Nigeria. If they ask you how many local government in Delta State, Below is the list of local government areas in delta state, location and the name of their respective chairman. A Delta High Court in Sapele has kicked out Obro Philomena Asamah , Councillor representing Ward 17 in Sapele Local Government and declared Mr. Ibiuke Monday the winner of the Delta State Local Government Council general election conducted on the 25th day of October 2014. 3 a land mass of 387 square kilometers, and it is located in Delta Central Senatorial district in Delta State. There are 25 Local Government Areas (LGAs) in Delta State. Benival Montessori International School (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); List of Local Government Areas in Delta State, Name of Chairman and Location. //
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