There is actually a stunning selection of bulbs that will perennialize and naturalize in our Texas landscape. Lycoris radiata, known as the red spider lily, hell flower, red magic lily, or equinox flower, is a plant in the amaryllis family, Amaryllidaceae, subfamily Amaryllidoideae. This is a bulb that produces first flowers, then foliage. Fall Spider Lilies Lycoris, or fall spider lilies, are excellent for woodland or shady gardens. About 5 years ago, I planted several Spider Lilies I got from my mother in north Louisiana. Explore. Asiatic lilies are ideal for flowerbeds and containers. The spider lilies are having a particularly good year. If you garden in the South, you’re probably used to seeing red spider lilies, aka hurricane lilies (Lycoris radiata). Both bloom … Apr 7, 2015 - 2015 - Spider Lilies in bloom at Brazos Bend State Park near Houston. Garden lilies provide elegant color beginning with bright Asiatic hybrids in June, through summer’s regal Orientals and early fall’s towering tiger lilies. Oxblood lilies (Rhodophiala bifida), also known as schoolhouse lilies, have the same growth cycle as my beloved red spider lilies (Lycoris radiata radiata), but generally bloom about a month earlier. When the Spider Lilies bloom in Dixie, you know Fall is truly on its way! For this area of Texas, that can happen anywhere from early April through June --- this year has resulted in a later than usual bloom for my plants. They grow best in USDA Zones 8 to 11. The lovely lily is a tough customer, too. As a good "rule of thumb" for Oxblood lily flower bulbs, plant at a depth about three times the height of the bulb itself. Spider lilies (Lycoris radiata) are known by other names such as resurrection lilies and red spider lilies. Q. I have some red spider lilies that were given to me 10 years ago. Although hybrid (florist-type) tulips are short lived here in Texas, we can do quite well with species tulips. An Amaryllis Cousin . Spider lilies do best in loose, well-drained soil. Because spider lilies are not fussy about sun or shade, they can be used anywhere you would like some late-summer color. They originate from the Andes of Peru where they are exposed to full sun. Once the flower dies, the foliage appears a couple of weeks later. My Spider lilies generally bloom when the high temperatures near 90 and low temperatures are about 70. are August-September attractions. Lilies, amaryllis, callas and gladiolus…these are but a few common zone 9 bulbs, but there are also some truly unique and crazy plants that will thrive in those regions. Also known as spider lily, spring spider lily, and western marsh spider lily, Hymenocallis liriosme is an herbaceous perennial that most often grows in wet ditches, wetlands, and along the edges of streams, ponds, and the like. Do any of yall grow asiatic or oriental lilies/lilium in Texas (DFW)? Spider lily, magic lily, hurricane lily, and surprise lily are all given names for the lily that grows in an abundance of lance shaped, green leaves, which die before a flower ever blooms. This hardy bulb has a curious habit of blooming on bare stems with no foliage present, which has earned it the common names "naked lady" and "surprise lily." There are over 80 species of lilies worldwide. Spider lilies (Lycoris spp.) I have mine mixed in with pots of spider lilies and amaryllis and they are quite happy. When they’re in full bloom spider lilies grow to 15 or 18 inches in height, so you can use them toward the fronts of your perennial gardens. They are more natural-looking and a little looser in form, but will bloom for many years in the right spot. A few of our favorite heirloom bulbs include: Crinum lilies, rain lilies, oxblood lilies and spider lilies. Heights range from 1 to 3 feet and the sturdy stems rarely need staking. Last year was the first year they bloomed, and they didn't bloom again this year. Red Spider lilies are also known as Naked Ladies, Surprise Lilies, Schoolhouse Lilies and Hurricane Lilies. However, he apparently liked bulbs. I’m still waiting to see if my red ones will come up this year. Check that the drainage is adequate by digging a 6-8-inch-deep hole and filling with water. Spider lilies (Lycoris radiata), oxblood lilies (Rhodophiala bifida) and certain rainlilies (Zephranthes species suddenly appear and add color and interest to our tired, heat-weary gardens. Spider Lily thrives in full sun or light shade so when you place it in shade, it won’t bloom. The red ones grow wild here - you can find them in ditches, in the middle of yards, etc. True lilies (Lilium) are members of the lily family. I read an article from Texas A&M that most lilies don't like how hot it gets here suggested only growing Madonna, Tiger Lily, Formosa Lily, or Easter Lily....The problem is 3/4 of those selections are white (makes me think of funerals) and the Tiger lily supposedly caries some ancient lily virus (??) As the name suggests, the spider lily has long, spiderlike petals on its flowers that appear from midsummer to fall. Spider lilies have a relatively short bloom time, generally two weeks or less. Originally from China, Korea, and Nepal, it was introduced into Japan and from there to the United States and elsewhere. These plants are not natives, but they appear to be, since they often come back year after year and slowly increase in numbers and flower production. It is considered naturalized in Seychelles and in the Ryukyu Islands. They have upward or outward facing flowers in a rainbow of colors, from white through yellow, peach, orange, pink, red and maroon. Spider lilies have incredibly unique flowers, with highly visible, pollen-filled anthers and a yellow-green “eye” that distinguishes them from similar species. All are winter hardy in zones 4 to 9. My friend brought the bulbs from her grandmother's house in Alabama. Closer inspection of the picture --- area in red… Apr 7, 2015 - 2015 - Spider Lilies in bloom at Brazos Bend State Park near Houston. Hi, all! and oxblood lilies (Rhodophiala spp.) The botanical name Lycoris sounds lyrical in itself, but gardeners have bestowed many common names upon this fall favorite, including hurricane lily, naked lady, magic lily, pink flamingo flower, resurrection lily, spider lily, and surprise lily. When they are in bloom you can extend their life by providing adequate water. This bulb is a native to Texas. They bloom around September and their foliage remains green all winter. Spider lilies generally begin to go dormant in April, and the foliage will begin to yellow. These bulbs can be planted underneath seasonal color or in-between existing perennials in your garden. Planting. . Ranunculus bulbs are popular in Texas and other areas of the Southwest with mild winters. Or perhaps a pineapple lily will make you wonder at the world. Lawn And Garden. Plants will blooms well when planted under trees or large shrubs. I recently found yellow Spider Lilies (Lycoris chinensis) and they are lovely with the red Spider Lilies. Red Spider lilies, Lycoris radiata, are perennial flowers originally from Japan.The slender 12-18 inch stems with no leaves carry bright red flowers with red stamens, fanning outward and up like curled fringe or long eyelashes. Plants. Originally from China and Japan, spider lilies are both hardy and easy to grow. Surprise lilies are part of the amaryllis family, and you will see similarities in the appearance and growth habit of the flowers. Here in Mississippi, you see them everywhere ... their tall leafless stems and brilliant red clusters of flowers swaying in a breeze, standing tall in flower beds, along roadsides, and scattered around long-abandoned old home sites. Also heirlooms, they bloom when it rains or when irrigated in late summer/early fall. Very few are adapted as ling lived garden perennials in Texas however. This handsome planting of spider lilies was in a rural Collin County backyard backing up to a deep ravine. Amend with compost or pumice prior to planting. However, they bloom best with at least four hours of full sun daily. Because they tolerate dry soil and partial shade, they add vibrant color if planted at the edges of woodlands, directly in the lawn, or tucked into ground covers. They grow and multiply like crazy, but they just won't bloom. These are their sunnier cousins, and, in my garden at least, they grow taller and bloom more reliably. They are divided into two types: “evergreen’ types that send up leaves in autumn, and late-leafing types that produce foliage in early spring. They seem to appear magically overnight and out of nowhere. Although their proper name is Lycoris radiata, I've always known them as spider lilies. Spider Lilies are early summer bloomers and if you plant them in the garden, make sure to grow them in … This … Unfortunately lilies have long been associated with death in Texas gardens as well, as most true lilies don't thrive here. Asiatic lilies bloom in early summer. It is also dubbed the hurricane lily, as it tends to bloom during hurricane season in the U.S. This can be confusing with their sometimes long neck, and if the neck is very long, simply have a small portion of the top of the neck above the soil, or plant your bulb sideways. The foliage is a dark green clump that is reminiscent of lariope. Spider Lilies and Mindful Meditation You can see why this summertime bulb beauty is called “spider lily.” I’ve never met a spider that’s 8” wide, but a tiny white spider loves to hang out on it. This native lily is also known as the 'Texas Spider Lily.' Try a voodoo lily or a spider-like Ismene (Peruvian daffodil). Positive: On Apr 19, 2003, jdndj from Greenville, SC wrote: This plant is very easy to … But the yellows — they’re golden. There are several sizes of bulbs available. Plant ranunculus bulbs in October or November in Texas for blooms the following spring. The first fall that we were there, we discovered that he had left us red spider lilies (Lycoris radiate), yellow spider lilies (lycoris aurea) ... Like rain lilies, their bloom is in response to the first fall rains. The colors were fabulous when we drove by several Septembers ago. Red spider lily.
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