Availability: In Stock. With a height range of 6-40 inches, Zinnia seeds perform best massed in beds, used as edging, or grown as a container plant. To save zinnia seeds, wait until the flower is completely shriveled and dry. While the plants are small, the Magellan Zinnia flower is the star. Preciosa Mix Zinnia . Germinate at 80°F/27°C soil temp. Detailed seed. Best Features: 1) The flower will get up to 5 inches wide and has layers of petals. 2) Magellan Zinnias come in several colors including pink, cherry red, … Plus, everyone loves the bright colors of the zinnias. We are pleased to offer a wide range of colors, shapes, and sizes to choose from, including giant zinnias with blooms up to 6" in diameter. zinnias formulated from the following Magellan series varieties: Magellan Cherry, Magellan Coral, Magellan Ivory, Magellan Orange, Magellan Pink, Magellan Salmon, Magellan Scarlet and Magellan Yellow. SKU #: S1561. Don't miss out! Light Needs. Seed Untreated 25 Seeds: We have ordered more from the supplier. Thumbnail: Downloads: High resolution Image 974.05 kb. Add to Cart. Description: Profitably navigates spring and summer programs. Park's Picks Deep Red Zinnia Seeds; $7.90 $2.80 Save: 65 % off. Large, fully double 4 to 6 inch coral blooms blanket stocky plants that grow a very uniform 12 to 18 inches tall and wide. A lover of a warm-hot climate, Zinnia seeds simply need reasonably fertile, well-drained soil. Add to Cart. Magellan Series zinnias steal the show with spectacular 5 – 6” blooms perfect for any fresh cut basket, bouquet, or just attracting butterflies to the ga Blooming Season : Late Spring, Summer, Autumn. Email. Take a dry zinnia flower, and "flail" the seed head--hit it gently to release the seeds, or pull it apart or rub it between your fingers over the paper plate to release the seeds. Plug crop time: 3 to 4 weeks Transplant to finish: 6 to 7 weeks. Magellan Cherry Zinnia. Save the seeds of the most colorful, strongest varieties of zinnia. For garden or mixed containers, full sun. Zinnia "Magellan Coral" is covered with dahlia-like pompom flowers in a dusky coral. Grows 12-14” high and 10-12” wide. If that’s the case, gently pull off the seed. It grows 38 inches tall and 2 feet wide. $4.99 shipping. nine (20x12 in/51x31 cm) flats @ 800 - 900 seedlings per flat. 00. Magellan Series Zinnia flower seeds will excite your garden with larger, fuller, and brighter bulbs than any zinnia this season. Zinnia elegans. Zinnia seeds are easy to direct seed into the garden, but may also be transplanted. $27.00 $ 27. Queen Lime Zinnia . Direct seed after last frost. Seed size varies according to type from 2,500-6,200 seeds per oz/28 g. GREENHOUSE: Sow Mar. Queen Lime Red Zinnia . Latin Name: Zinnia elegans. Seal the container and store it in the back of your refrigerator. Large, fully double soft ivory blooms on upright plants. Magellan Persian Carpet Mix really knocked our socks off by how large and plentiful the blooms were on relatively compact plants. Earliness to bloom is another exceptional trait. Park's Cutting Blend Full Mix Zinnia Seeds; $5.90 $2.10 Save: 64 % off. More Varieties of Zinnia 'Benary's Giants Orange' zinnia Zinnia 'Benary's Giants Orange' is an excellent cut flower with large, 4-inch-wide, double orange blooms. Botanical Name: Zinnia elegans. If you love big zinnia flowers but do not have the space for 48 inch tall plants, the Magellan Zinnia series is for you. A magnificent blend of extra-large and fully-double, 4-5 in. Zinnia seeds can be started directly in the ground the following spring. Zinnia elegans ‘State Fair’ These are also more compact and tend to grow only eight to twelve inches in height and can spread to two feet. An AAS Winner! Large, fully double 4 to 6 inch blooms in electrifying colors of coral, cherry, ivory, orange, pink, scarlet, salmon and yellow blanket stocky plants that grow a very uniform 12 to 18 inches tall and wide. Only 15 left in stock - order soon. Eden Brothers offers a wide range of the most familiar species, Zinnia elegans. Seed. Cover seeds lightly. 49. Decorate any bouquet, garden, or tabletop with vivid colored zinnia flowers using top-notch zinnia seeds in stock at Burpee today. Zinnia elegans Weave a plush tapestry of color with this mix of intense cherry, scarlet, coral and orange flowers. $20.49 $ 20. How Long From Germination Until Zinnias Bloom. Zinnia seeds 55 products Page 1 of 3. Consistent flower production is an improved quality. New growth continuously covers spent blooms so the plants always look fresh. Water Needs. Zinnia elegans. Plant Details: Scientific Name: Zinnia elegans Common Name: Zinnia Hardiness Degree: 32°F (0.0°C) Blooming Season: Spring, Summer Plant Habit: Upright Characteristics: Colorful/Attractive Foliage, Low Maintenance, Heat Tolerant Water: Medium Fertilize: Once a month Spacing: 10 - 12" (25 - 30cm) … FREE Shipping. Place the envelopes in a glass jar or air tight plastic container. Crop: Zinnia. We expect to receive the product by 12/23/20. Excellent cut, expect fully double to single blooms. Here are some tips for saving seeds. State Fair Zinnia . If you love the bold colors and Giant Cactus Mix Zinnia Seeds; $5.90 $2.10 Save: 64 % off. From sowing seed to first bloom requires only 6 to 9 weeks. In addition to the color, Magellan Coral plants are brimming with luminous blooms. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Magellan Zinnia Seeds (Mixed Colors) -- Free Shipping (50 Seeds) at the best online prices at eBay! The seeds are small and arrow-shaped. Only 10 left in stock - order soon. Approximately 15 seeds/pkg. Zinnia violaceae) Common Name : Zinnia. Common cultivars of this species include ‘State Fair’, ‘Lilliput’, and ‘Magellan’. An exciting mix for beds, borders and patio containers. Spacing : 10 - 12" (25 - 30cm) Height : 18 - 24" (46 - 61cm) Width : 18 - 24" (46 - 61cm) Exposure : Sun.
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