These lakes are also home to some of the best carp in terms of size – their biggest weighed in at 52 pounds. He is always looking for the latest fishing kit to try out and talk about and needs a bigger shed due to all the fishing tackle he owns. Membership of this syndicate offers anglers … There’s also the chance to catch carp up to 30 Ibs here as well as catfish as big as 50 Ibs. Deepings Syndicate. There are seven acres of water and three acres of woodland which was all planted by hand which over the years has matured to make it a picturesque and peaceful environment. A fantastic syndicate with an amazing head of fast growing, big carp that's really going from strength to strength. Cawcutts Lake. Onsite, members all benefit from a portable toilet and a nearby … The Messingham Syndicate Lakes offer a choice of two stunning lakes and locations, and both can be found and easily accessed via the town of Scunthorpe. These venues (unless stated) are run as individual syndicates split into weekday and weekend rota’s. What’s more, with its ideal setting, you’ll be left alone to fish in peace away from visitors – and other anglers, if you prefer! A stunning location, catches recorded here show fantastic growth rates with carp passing the 20 Ibs rate. Those looking to join can contact the syndicate through their Facebook page. Now used as a small fishing syndicate, it’s a 60 plus acre lake offering the most tranquil of angling experiences. Introducing … Five Stunning Venues. Four carp lakes, 2 mixed carp and coarse fishing one syndicate lake. This Syndicate is well known for it's two beautiful lakes and diverse fishing available to the syndicate members, there are two syndicate lakes to choose from, Lenny's Lake and Ralph's Pool, both well … If you are interested in joining the Lakewood Carp Syndicate please email: © Copyright 2020, Lakewood Carp Syndicate. A small amount of carp where introduced, and suddenly nature seemed to flourish. As a long time carp angler I have a strong belief of what a carp syndicate should and shouldn't be and have incorporated these ideas into the Deepings syndicate… Members making the most of the freedom of being locked up for the last few months. To give you a head start we have given you a list of some of the best spots … The lake contains carp up to 35lb; a nice mix including mirrors … With a reasonable annual fee for membership, the syndicate prides itself on maintaining a high quality of anglers and therefore have a zero-tolerance policy for any found to be breaking the rules! Bain Valley Fisheries Carp Fishing in Lincolnshire. Swarkestone gravel pit has been a water on the East Midlands carp fishing scene for a number of years. Nestled in the North Lincolnshire countryside, the Lakewood Carp Syndicate aims to offer quality carp fishing in beautiful surroundings. There is original carp or up to high 20’s but we have just stocked the lake From 2018 to early 2019 with 109 new carp from 18 up to 42 lbs. Girton Fishing Complex. Chilham Mill lake renowned among carp anglers for its stunning setting and large stock of specimen English Carp with at least Nine fish now over 40lbs with a further 80 plus fish above … 7.5K likes. the carp … The Big Pit Stockie; Commons, Mirrors or Leathers. The Carp Fishery (reservoir) is 38 acres in size and has over 40 pegs to choose from, it is surrounded on one side by sloping fields which roll down the valley and dense woodland on the … Nestled into the famous Lincolnshire Wolds, the Old Mill Lakes fishery offers some of the prettiest sights in the whole region. Though the syndicate doesn’t have a specific website, they do have a community Facebook page which anglers can become a part of. Car parking is also being enhanced with the syndicate looking to put as much of the membership money back into offering a fantastic destination for all members to enjoy. Fen Lane Carp Fisheries. Call: 01476 870647 or: 07855 829005 We will be here soon If you like to hide away and be at one with nature this is worth a look, PROPER CARPY. Looking for new fisheries in your area? Deepings No.1 has been extensively improved over recent years to offer an extensive planting program, 17 man-made swims, and now covers six acres in total. Found in the Mansfield area of Nottingham, White House Fishery offers a carp syndicate which is better known as The Deeping Syndicate. Welcome to Sapphire Lakes in Newark, Nottinghamshire. The Lakes . it has two islands, 40 purpose built swims, tree lined margins, … 4 Lakes including 2 carp syndicates situated close to the river Trent near the village of Girton in Nottinghamshire. Consultancy. For anyone on the lookout for some high quality carp … Products. Cressacres Carp Syndicate was formed in 2007 and has very quickly gained a reputation as an up and coming friendly carp syndicate, which members join prior to securing a place on the adjacent Croxley Hall Carp Syndicate. Well known for its beautiful countryside areas and fascinating landscapes, the eastern England county of Lincolnshire also offers an excellent supply of carp fishing lakes. It was then John decided to extend it to what it is today with more fish introduced. Set in a stunning location surrounded by trees, access to the comfortable platforms is easy. Furthermore, there are four individually designed carp lakes, which are all run through a syndicate. The lake contains a small number of carp but there could be a proper lump in there. Cressacres Carp Syndicate members enjoy exclusive carp … Living in Lincolnshire gives you ample opportunity to follow your passion for fishing at some great locations. Carp Syndicate. WELCOME TO THE DEEPINGS ABOUT THE SYNDICATE. Fishermen, specimen anglers day’s fishing. Minepit 2020 Update. We also offer open access to our syndicate waters during April and May which is often a prolific time, meaning you could have the chance of catching some of the best and biggest carp … Sadly, John Dickinson passed away in October 2016. This means ample opportunity for you to take your angling experience to the next level and fish with like-minded people on those of quieter lakes. Footage of my spring campaign on a North Lincolnshire syndicate where I caught some lovely fish, topped by one of the 'most wanted' carp in the north of England, Starburst weighing 39lb … With a large head of carp … Set in 13 acres of the peaceful village of Cromwell just off the A1, the lakes offer a delight for both the carp & coarse fishing angler. 250+ Carp Lake record 40lb. All rights reserved. This was my first lake, at just over an acre and with depths ranging from 2ft- 12ft, 2 islands, lillies, reed beds and overhanging trees, this is the ultimate in close quarter carping. Here you’ll find mirrors and commons. We have them all. The lake is out of sight, close to the village of Westwoodside and has easy access from the M18 and M180 motorways. Moorgreen Reservior is one of the top carp fishing waters in Nottinghamshire,Derbyshire,Mansfield,East Midlands and the UK Lenny’s Lake is the second syndicate lake and offers a great test of fishing skills with 200 to 300 Ibs of fish in one single session. Deepings Syndicate. These are a fantastic selection of fishing syndicates in the Lincolnshire area, offering a better opportunity to access more catches while doing so in a reduced traffic area. Nestled in the North Lincolnshire countryside, the Lakewood Carp Syndicate aims to offer quality carp fishing in beautiful surroundings. It is their wish to protect John's legacy and see the lake and fishing prosper. 6.4K likes. The idea of the syndicate originated well over a decade ago when founding members considered the essential elements of a thriving fishery and combined them to make this a friendly group setting. Contact Martin Ford on 07769 212762 with any questions or for more details on season and day … The fishery is now operated as a Carp Night Syndicate, Carp & Pike Winter Syndicate and Day Ticket Fishery. Fishing runs from 1st February to 31st January each year. Work has been continual all around the lake with both pegs and footpaths improved. John and Hazel's daughters, Jane and Sue, now run the syndicate with the help of Hazel. We are down for maintenance. And finally some carp….. One of three biggies; And we have plenty of them. This is because the lake also plays host to a sailing club and is said to be very weedy at times. Campsite for caravans and tents located in Baumber, between Wragby and Horncastle in Lincolnshire… Gated and locked at all times, members will be supplied with gate code on membership. We have 3 lakes here catering for the needs of all anglers, offering 2 carp … The Lake is a 60acre windswept pit with a good head of up and coming nice scaley carp to mid 20s, but this one may also appeal to the Bream … Deepings No.3 is a six-acre lake fully stocked with carp to the mid-30s. Now, with rules designed specially to cater to both anglers and indeed fish, very little of the original regulations have been changed over the years; confirming the effectiveness of the syndicate overall! Ralph Pool is the larger of syndicate lakes and well known for its stock levels and fish diversity. Found in the Mansfield area of Nottingham, White House Fishery offers a carp syndicate which is better known as The Deeping Syndicate. With an emphasis on encouraging long-term members looking for a friendly fishing environment in the most peaceful of surroundings, fees are worked on a reducing cost basis. why not use our map with over 2,500 fishing lakes. Features include vehicle access to all swims and ample parking, mature islands and all are well maintained. Membership is by postal application and even covers a junior angler for free if they’re the son or daughter of the adult obtaining the membership. CARP FISHING. Our Main 35-acre reservoir is stocked with some of the finest carp in Lincolnshire, with depths of 2-10ft. Being a part of a fishing syndicate means linking up with those anglers who are looking for a similar experience as yourself. Three rods per angler are permitted here, and membership is open in January and June for this lake. Three rods are allowed here, and all facilities and membership registration dates are the same as Deepings No.1. 3 lakes to choose from. … Weekday rota – 10am Monday – 10am Friday. This lake is around seven acres with new bivvy swims created around it for an enhanced fishing experience. It is an idyllic spot, whether you intend to fish for the week or just relax. Carp … Full carp syndicate permits and winter carp only syndicate tickets may be subject to a waiting list. 6.4K likes. However, potential members are also encouraged to check through the photos of the lake, which are displayed on their page first. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for website owners to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to amazon(.com,, .ca etc) and any other website that may be affiliated with Amazon Service LLC Associates Program. Runs waters and exclusive carp … The Carp Syndicate Membership enquiry . We offer five outstanding venues, from day ticket to syndicate waters, that cater for every carp angler's needs. Membership is through an invitation to the fishery, and usually via current members and personal recommendations. Woodside contains a good stock of carp with the lake record standing at 27lb, there are literally dozens of common and mirror carp with the average size being mid-doubles. Existing swims have been re-furbished and new ones built, with the angler very much in … You’ll also find small numbers of cats with 40 Ib weights. All of the 7 day ticket waters and 3 syndicate waters hold numerous carp to over 30lb with many 40lb carp caught each year. North Lincolnshire is home to the Barrow Mere which was once a former clay pit. Some more stunners from Lakewood. Deepings No.2 has been replenished and restocked with carp in the low range doubles topping over 40 Ibs. You can read more about him here. The lake was leased out for a number of years and run as a syndicate, before the owners decided to take over the running of the lake again from the 2015 season onwards. Therefore the rules are somewhat different here. Take nothing but pictures, leave nothing but … We are situated … Once again with a three-rod limit, this lake varies slightly to the other two as it’s situated on a private estate. Containing many varieties, Ralph’s Pool is known for its large skimmer and roach population, but there’s also catfish, perch, mirrors, and commons. We will be here soon ... We are down for maintenance. Spring fed fishing lake in Lincolnshire. A great little syndicate Run by Paul Mallinson, Barrow Mere. The Big Lake is the carp syndicate and membership is open to all subject to availability. Mike has over 30 years of fishing experience in carp fishing and general coarse fishing. There will be a small syndicate … Nestled in the North Lincolnshire countryside, the Lakewood Carp Syndicate aims to offer quality carp fishing in beautiful surroundings. Until 2014 the 80 acre gravel pit was … You can only join one rota or the other, not both. Contact. Carp & Coarse Fish Supplies. But, if it’s a pleasant and tranquil fishing experience you’re after with some friendly members keen on improving the angling experience for all, Barrow Mere is certainly a syndicate worth looking into. Bain Valley Fisheries is a complex of 7 lakes in Lincolnshire open all year with night fishing is allowed. Syndicate carp fishing lakes on Cambridge Lincolnshire border, Carp to over 50lb. Various water plants were planted. Wagtail Fishery offers a most relaxing and peaceful holiday, set in the wonderful Lincolnshire countryside. 3 lakes to choose from. Welcome to Fen Lane Carp fisheries, The lake is more than a 100 years old with a lot of original carp and other species in the lake. This is the lake containing vast numbers of carp with weights up to 56.5 Ibs recorded – making this the more sought-after lake! Membership of this syndicate offers anglers access to three fantastic lakes, named Deepings No.1, Deepings No.2, and Deepings No.3. Lakeside Fishery is set in the beautiful Lincolnshire Wolds. A couple of local lads from the village came to fish and were greatly impressed by the size and quality of the fish. When the site was originally bought by John Dickinson in 1991, Lakewood was then just two fields which were farmed for several years but there was always a low peaty place in one corner which was always wet so it was made into a small pond for shooting and conservation.
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